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Modified Argus Cameras

A gallery of customized Argus cameras

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Click on any photo to see full-size picture.

ACG member David Derr is the owner of this Argus C3 with a C44 Cintagon lens modified to C3 mount.

"Frankenstein," an Argus C4 modified with a Compur shutter taken from a Yashica-Mat modified by Dave Harris with help from "Igor."

Demi C3" A half-frame Argus C3 with modified film advance cog and film plane mask modified by Edmund Kowalski.

Argus 21 w. T-mount modification by Edmund Kowalski.

The Uber-A: Model A Tele-Munchen modification by Edmund J. Kowalski.

The Kowalski Argolet: Edmund J. Kowalski fuses an Argus A lens and shutter onto a Ricolet.

Glass beaded Gala Edition C3 by Marcy Merrill.
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C3 with rapid film advance.

C3 with rapid film rewind.

C4 with 42mm Pentax screw mount.

Argoflex E modified to accept 828 roll film.

A2B ready for remote control.

A2F with accessory shoe.

A3 with Kodak lens & Compur shutter.

Argus A ready for 4x5.

Argus A with modified focus.

Argus A pinhole.

Argus A with remote control Agfa lens.