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Argus Books

The following books all have sections that deal with Argus Cameras. Only the Kuzyk and McKeown books are still in print. Argomania is available on CD (see below). The others may be located at your library or perhaps on interlibrary loan.

Gambino, Henry J.  Argomania: A Look at Argus Cameras and the Company That Made Them.  Aeone Communications.  Library of Congress #:  2005904997.  ISBN Number:  0-9770507-0-X.

Argomania is available on CD for $25 plus shipping.  Please contact Ron Norwood for more information.  Email norwoodrandj@embarqmail.com or phone 336-623-3520.

Kuzyk, Hrad.  35mm for the Proletariat:  A Modern User's Guide to the Argus A/A2 Camera.  ISBN Number:  0615144888.
Also available as a free eBook download from http://www.theargusa.com

Murphy, Burt. Argus 35mm Photography. Verlan Books, New York. Library of Congress #: 59-15881.

Bailey, Joseph. Glass, Brass, & Chrome. University of Oklahoma Press. Library of Congress #: 74-160496. ISBN Number: 0-8061-0968-8.

McKeown, James And McKeown, Joan. McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras 1997/1998. Centennial Photo Service. ISBN Number (CLOTH): 0-931838-29-0. ISBN Number (PAPER): 0-931838-29-0.

Deschin, Jacob. Picture Making With The Argus. Camera Craft Publishing Company, San Francisco. Library of Congress #: 54-12589.

Lahue, Kalton And Bailey, Joseph. The American 35mm. American Photographic Book Publishing Company, New York. Library of Congress #: 77-159330. ISBN Number: 0-814-0176-8.

Tydings, Kenneth. The Argus 35mm Guide And Reference Book. Greenburg Publishers, New York. Library of Congress #: 52-8125.