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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is my Argus camera worth?
  2. What model Argus camera do I have?
  3. When was my Argus camera made?
  4. Where can I get my Argus camera repaired?
  5. Where can I find a place to sell my Argus camera?
  6. Where can I get film for my classic Argus camera?

If none of these answer your question, you can Ask the ACG for Help.

1.  How much is my Argus camera worth?
Unfortunately, most Argus camera models are not worth a great deal.  However, there are a number of less common to very rare models that command a modest to (rarely) very high price.  Value will also vary depending on condition and included accessories.  In some cases, accessories such as lenses and viewfinders can be worth as much or more than the camera itself.  Quite often, an Argus camera has been passed down from one family member to another and is likely worth much more for its sentimental value.

The book "McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras" lists approximate value and might be found at your local library.  Another source for approximate prices is the online auction site eBay - be sure to search completed listings to see what items have sold for in the past.

2.  What model Argus camera do I have?
Please take a look at the Argus Camera Reference Photographs.  You should be able to find a photo and details to help you determine what model camera you have.

3.  When was my Argus camera made?
The Argus Camera Reference Photographs page contains date ranges when specific models were produced.  For more detailed info on manufacture dates based on serial number, Phil Sterritt maintans a great resource - When was my Argus camera made?  (external link opens in a new window)

4.  Where can I get my Argus camera repaired?
If you are mechanically inclined, some Argus models are relatively easy to repair.  Take a look at the manuals page for more information.  If not, most local camera repair shops should be able to handle the job.

5.  Where can I find a place to sell my Argus camera?
Probably the most popular place to sell such items is the eBay online auction site.  There are also companies on the internet that deal in used camera equipment.

Depending on the model, there may be interest among the members of the Argus Collector's Group.  You may submit your contact information and details about the camera through the Ask the ACG for Help page and it will be forwarded to the group.
6.  Where can I get film for my classic Argus camera?
Many Argus cameras use standard 35mm film, which is still available in many stores and online shops.  If your Argus uses 120 film, it is still commonly available as well, though you will have to find a specialty store or online shop.  620 film is no longer available, but is the same size as 120 film, just on a different size spool.  You can use a changing bag or darkroom to re-spool it onto a 620 spool for use.  If you do an internet search for "respooling 620" you will find a number of resources to guide you through the process.  Most other film sizes are going to be difficult or impossible to find.