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Holiday Photo Contest 2019 Gallery

Please click here if you wish to view the rules and details about this past contest.

Edmund J. Kowalski
Image 1 - Santa's Railroad.jpg
Argus CR-1 with Auto-Cintar f:2/55mm lens, Kodak 400 print film.
I got an early view of the Boeing Employees' annual model railroad show at the National Museum of Transportation, St. Louis.

Image 2 - Holiday Atire.jpg
Argus C-four, Kodak 200 print film.
The St. Louis Zoo makes efforts to dress things up for the Holiday Season.

Image 3 - Santa's Winter Chore.jpg
Argus C-four, Vivitar auto flash, Kodak 200 print film.
We had a heavy snow the week before Christmas and Santa had been out doing one of his jobs.

All images are 2019 E.J.Kowalski.
More images from these film sessions will be posted in a gallery in www.pbase.com/edkowalski

Steven Wagner

Picture of red Christmas ornaments in front of the Cary (NC) Regional Library.

Terri and I went to Cary on Christmas Day and walked around in the good light.  We saw the red Christmas ornaments in three places in Cary.
ArgoFlex E
(Respooled) Kodak Ektar 100
Process C41
Edited in Lightroom CC 6

Light pole with Christmas wreath.  

Main Street, Garner NC. 

The Saturday after Christmas we went to downtown Garner, NC.  The town nicely decorated the light poles downtown with wreath and garland.  Double exposure is due to the photographer. 

Argus C3
Arista EDU 100
Process 6 minutes in HC110 1:31
Edited in Lightroom CC 6
Christmas tree and Santa's sleigh. 

J Ashley Wall Town Square, Wendell, NC. 

Shot the Saturday after Christmas.  Wendel did a Christmas display in the downtown park. 

Argus C3
Kodak Gold 200
Process C41
Edited in Lightroom CC 6

Rich Reeder

Third Place
1) 12.13.2019.  4 sec, f/16, Christmas tree.  Argus Wide Angle lens.  Used Argus C3 #1571759, on Ilford FP4+ film, developed in HC-110e.  We've got a 'Charlie Brown' Christmas tree, & we put it on a card table.  My Grand-daughter helped me get it out & decorate it up.  I think she enjoyed it more than I did.

2)  12.13.2019.  1 sec, f/8, Nutcracker.  Portra +1 aux. close up lens.  Set focus to 8 feet, actual distance is 28 inches.  Once you get the hang of those Portra close up lenses, they work pretty good.  Used Argus C3 #1571759, on Ilford FP4+ film, developed in HC-110e.

Bruce MacLellan

Fourth Place
Pictures were taken on an Argus CR-1 (Christmas present from a friend), Cosinon 50mm lens, and outdated Fuji 400asa film(I think Superia).
Santa and tree in front of the TV 'fireplace', F1.8 and 1/15 sec, on a tripod. The front yard was the only Christmas decorated house within 2 blocks of me.

Dan Mouer
These are all taken using a C3 with a Vivitar 153 flash on Christmas morning. Bubba is our 11-year-old pooch, and he loves to open his own presents. His nose does its job well enough that we can pretty much allow him to find and retrieve his presents from under the tree and, with a little help, remove the gift wrap without getting into the actual gifts. The three stockings hung by the chimney with care are mine, Rob's and Bubba's.

Kim Barbee
I don't have any of the exposure details.
They all have been taken on an Argus C-3.
The night photo was taken on Tri-X in Spokane, WA and the cactus photos were on T-Max 100 in Mesa, AZ.

Perry Bain

First Place

Second Place
The giant snowman (with a body made of wrapped hay bales) was on display at a farm stand that I pass on my way to work. It was photographed with my Argoflex 40 wiith Kodak Portra 400 film (1/150 sec @ f/22). The Winterfest trolley was photographed at the Connecticut Trolley Museum, also with the Argoflex 40, this time with Fuji Pro 400H film.

Wesley Furr


The Grown-Ups Table

Tire Tree
I decided to try to get out of a rut this year, so instead of the C3, I pulled out a C44.  I shot a few frames with a 35mm lens, but I believe all these were with the standard 50mm lens.  I shot on a roll of Fuji NPZ 800-speed Professional film that has been in the freezer since I got a DSLR in early 2006.  Looks like I should have overexposed it a bit more!

The first two photos were taken on Christmas Eve at my brother's house where my grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and immediate family all gathered to celebrate.

The last photo is a time exposure taken at a local tire shop, they have an old Ford pickup with their name on it, and in the back is a stack of tires, painted white and wrapped in Christmas lights.

You can see the rest of the photos I took at http://www.megley.com/photos/argus/xmas19