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Holiday Photo Contest 2015 Gallery

Please click here if you wish to view the rules and details about this past contest.

Edmund J. Kowalski

"Circus Train," holiday exhibit at Museum of Transportation, St. Louis. Moving train, camera hand held with available light.

"Little Railroad Worker," Museum of Transportation, St. Louis. Camera hand held, available light.

"Special Wishes," at our kitchen table. Camera hand held, f:8, Vivitarauto 200 electronic flash.
All three photos, Argus C44-R with Cintagon f:1.9/50mm lens, Fuji 200 print film.
For more of this set, please visit www.pbase.com/edkowalski/argusholiday2015

These images are Copyright 2015 E.J.Kowalski.

Dwight Howie
The first pic is from an Argus Argoflex EF at second beach Middletown RI, a "Sea Tree" a tree decorated at the beach with driftwood sea weed and shells.

The second is a shop in Wickford RI dressed up for the holidays. Argus Cosina 1000.

Last is My front yard dressed up for Christmas, shot with Argoflex EF.

All Argoflex shot with B/W Medium format Ilford 100 iso120 film. The Argus Cosina was Kentmere 100 iso. All developed with home brew Caffinol 11 minutes and fixed in Ilford rapid fix for 5 minutes scanned on a Canoscan 8600 at 2400 dpi. All shots Sunny 16 as the Cosina's meter is fubar.

Very little material of a Christmas nature except for yard decorations. No Snow for winter scenes around here and I shoot mostly B/W these days.

Earl English
Winter has been elusive this holiday season. Mostly rain with temps going into the 70's.
Hard to get into the spirit.

Camera Argus CR-1 SLR. Film Arista.Edu Ultra 100. Processed in a batch of home brew Rodinal that was made in June 2011.

My selections are a Japanese lucky Cat, Maneki-Neko, atop the wood stove in the basement, the wood stove, and a basket of pine cones.

The wood stove was the closest reminder of winter I have.

Tom Hoglund

Second Place

Here are a couple - no snow around the holidays in Chicago, so in order to find a wintery holiday theme, I went over to the new skating ribbon in Maggie Daley Park. These were taken with a 1957 Argus C3 with the standard 50mm Cintar (the camera used in the movie Carol). TMax 100 film on a cloudy day - interesting to take action photos of skaters in 20 degree weather with a C3 and slow film. Developed the film myself with the Ilford developing solutions. Some dust spot removal done in Photoshop.

Wesley Furr
This year, I wanted to do something different, so I dug out an Argoflex EF that I'd not used before, and loaded it up with a roll of re-spooled Ektar 120 ISO 100.  The first two images were taken with that camera.  I love to look and feel of the images.  The third is taken with a C3 on Fuji 100.

The first image is our Christmas decorations.  The second is our daughter and my parent's pug in front an old shed that I decorate with large Christmas lights every year.  The third is our Christmas tree, always adorned with a large number of eclectic ornaments...and a few bubble lights!

Robert Dungan
The color picture was taken with a C4 and developed with a Unicolor C41 kit.  Goolricks is a very old drug store in downtown Fredericksburg Virginia.  The Salvation Kettle is a symbol of the season to me.

The other two photos were taken with a Argus C44R with a 50mm lens.  The Nativity was taken with flash on ORWO UN54 ASA 100 speed film and developed in Caffenol CM(rs).  The Christmas tree was taken in available light with Arista.EDU Premium ASA 400 and developed in L110. 

Perry Bain

First Place
Rockefeller Center: I took this photo in New York City with an Argoflex E with Kodak Portra 160 film. It was difficult to get through the crowd to get in position for a picture, and of course a tripod was not possible. I took a few handheld shots, and this was the sharpest one.

Grafton Country Store: This is from the window display of the Grafton Country Store (in Grafton MA), taken with an Argus C33 with Cintar 50mm/3.5 lens and Kodak Portra 400 film.

Argoflex forty: This is my Christmas tree, reflected through the viewing lens of am Argoflex forty. The photo was taken with an Argus SLR with 58mm Argus-Sekor with a Canon 250D close-up lens. using Kodak Portra 400 film.

Sam Hotton

Third Place

Lovely Nativity Scene framed by the granite wall of old Trinity United Methodist Church in Salisbury, Maryland. Photographed with Argus Seventy-Five, tri-x film, processed Rodinal 1+50, 8 seconds time exposure. A soft and gentle rain was falling, increasing the contrast and sparkle of the scene.

Eric's Downtown Barber Shop Salisbury Maryland.  I love this older section of my home town; little has changed in  the past 100 years. Beautiful brickwork, and how about that fire escape.  It makes me wish I had hair to cut and maybe a splash of Bay Rum or Jerris tonic.  Both images of the barber shop were made with the Argus Super- Seventy Five because I wanted the coverage of the wider angle 65mm lens.  Tri-x and Rodinal used as in Nativity Scene.