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Holiday Photo Contest 2012 Gallery

Please click here if you wish to view the rules and details about this past contest.

Earl English

Second Place
The Courthouse in Rutherfordton, NC. Argus C-33 loaded with Arista Premiun 100 Processed D-16 5'45" @20.3

Gingerbread House Argus CR-3 loaded with Arista Premiun 400 (Tri-X) shot @ 500 processed D-16 6'15" @ 20.5

Night shots of downtown Forest City, NC with C-Forty Four, loaded with Arista Premium 400 (Tri-X) processed in PC-Glycol 7' @ 19.5

Edmund J. Kowalski

"Holiday Textures"
Farmers Market, Kirkwood, Missouri.
CVS branded ASA 200 print film in Argus C-4,
about 1/10 second at f/

"Shoppe Near the Station"
Near the Old Railroad Station, Kirkwood, Missouri.
CVS branded ASA 200 print film in Argus C-4,
I don't remember my settings.

"Special Delivery"
At home in High Ridge, Missouri.
CVS branded ASA 200 print film in Argus C-4, small aperture with electronic flash.
First Place
It was a cold and drizzly Monday the week before Christmas.

Looking for some Holiday Spirit, I loaded up a favorite Argus C4.

I headed over to the area of downtown Kirkwood, Missouri, near the Farmers' Market and the Railroad Station, and shot hand held with available light.

Then later here at home I tried a few setups with flash.

For more images from the set, please visit:

Joe Smith

Third Place

Both photos were taken at our Festival of Trees event that Pam organizes as a fund raiser for our Cultural Centre here in Minden Ont.

The camera I used was an STL1000 with Fuji 400 ISO film. The photos were taken in the early evening with an exposure of 3 sec at f8.

Engle L. Hall

Taken with an Argus C4R

Richard Chiriboga

Taken with my Kowalski C3 using 200 ASA.

John Strieb
Taken with C3 Standard, Kodak 400 ASA from the refrigerator.

Wesley Furr

We had an unexpected snowfall on Christmas Eve, then more right after Christmas, which made for great photo opportunities.

The film was 200 speed Fuji I had stashed in the freezer.

The mini-snowman was photographed on Christmas eve evening.  Existing light, hand-held 1/10 second.

The house and outside decorations was taken after a later snowfall.  Probably f/16, perhaps 30 seconds?

The snow covered, white lit tree was also taken on Christmas eve.  Also probably f/16 and likely 30 seconds.