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Holiday Photo Contest 2011 Gallery

Please click here if you wish to view the rules and details about this past contest.

Earl English

Place taken: Forest City, NC Date Dec. 24, 2011.
About the subjects:

The Chimney is on Main St. and is a replica of one which stood for many years at the crossroads & meeting place called "Burnt Chimney" the original name of the town.
The fountain is also on Main St. and is very pretty at night when it is illuminated.
The Church Doors are about a block off of Main St. and are typical of every church in the area this time of the year, being decorated with a pair of simple wreaths.
The chimney and fountain were shot with an Argus Matchmatic, using some outdated (by more than several years) Seattle Filmworks ISO 400 Color film, stand processed in homebrew Black & White chemicals PC-Glycol. Shutter speed about 1/100, f:16.
The one of the Church Doors was shot with an Argus C-33. Shutter speed 1/125 f:16
Film Arista Legacy Pro 400 (Fuji Neopan) processed in Organic Instant Mytol.

Scanner used: Epson Perfection 4490 Photo.

Edmund J. Kowalski

Lamp Post

Santa Argus
First Place

Snowman & Son
"Lamp Post" 2011 Edmund J. Kowalski.
This reminded me of a time when  every small town put up its special decorations on Main Street lamp  posts.
Argus C-33 with f:2.8 / 50mm, set to f:11 @ 1/300 second, Kodak Gold  200 film.

"Santa Argus" 2011 Edmund J. Kowalski.
Argus C-33 with f:2.8 / 50mm,  Kodak Gold 200 film.
Focus @ 3 feet, f:8 @ 1/8 second, lit by a pair of 60  watt incandescents, with No. 80A blue filter held in front of lens.

"Snowman & Son" 2011 Edmund J. Kowalski.
Looking out from behind  the barbecue grill, waiting for the arrival of Christmas.
Argus C-33 with  f:2.8 / 50mm, set to f:8 @ 1/300 second, Kodak Gold 200 film.

Rich Reeder

Tied for Third Place
At left is the Christmas Tree in the breakroom at the WalMart where I work, Mesa, Arizona.  Taken 8.Nov.2011,  with Argus C3 #37966, 1/10 sec, f/4.5, Kodak Plus-X, developed in D-76, negative scanned via Epson V500 photo scanner.

At right is a detail of the Christmas Tree in the breakroom at the WalMart where I work, Mesa, Arizona.  Taken 9.Nov.2011, with Argus C3 #37966, 1/20 sec, f/3.5, Kodak Plus-X, developed in D-76, negative scanned via Epson V500 photo scanner.

Joe Smith

Tied for Third Place

Second Place

All photos were taken at our pioneer village during a Christmas event.  Camera used was a Geiss Modified C4 with a 35mm lens using IIlford 100 iso B/W Film. Indoor shots approx 1sec at f4.5. Outdoor photo of the school f5.6 at a 50th sec. Developed in TMax dev.and then scanned negs.

J. Ed Baker

Toy Soldier


All shot on Kodak Gold 200 using my "bitsa" C3. Flash provided by a Minolta 360PX on a custom handle.
Pictures cropped & resized from Walgreen scans.

Don Phelps

I used the C44R, handheld, should have known better, but was resting on chair, for man who’s had heart surgery, not as steady as I once was and could do that. Time exposure, unfiltered as I wanted the natural light. Shot at f5.6 on bulb. Normal lens. I used 200 Kodak film.

Please notice there is an unnamed 35mm camera with reindeer and 2nd one is a view camera with flash between snow ornament and Rudolph.

Richard Chiriboga

Taken with an Argus Markfinder using 200ASA film, on Cape Cod near Nauset Beach. A creative use of lobster buoys I think.

Les Hall

Julia's Christmas gift, just before...
300th @ f11

Papa, how will Santa find us?
1/10th @ f2.8

Wesley Furr
First photos is of my door at work.  Basic concept and components created about 9 years ago by myself and two then-coworkers.  Judged a winner by co-workers every time it has been put up.  Hand-held, existing light.

Bottom photo is of another co-worker who said "please, no photos!" along with Christmas cards that had been sent to the office.  Hand-held, existing light.

Photos taken using a Colormatic C3 on Fuji 200 film.