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Holiday Photo Contest 2008 Gallery

Please click here if you wish to view the rules and details about this past contest.

Bill Carson

Christmas 2008 #1
Second Place

Christmas 2008 #2
These photos were taken with an Argus c-3 just before Christmas in downtown Detroit. I stopped my car in the middle of the intersection near Campus Martius to get the shots, and as I set up the tripod in the street I noticed a policeman watching. After I took a few pictures, he just moved on. I suppose I seemed harmless enough.

They were both taken with Ektar 100 film, about 3 seconds exposure, and scanned with a CanoScan 8800f scanner. The colors really were this bright!

Edmund J. Kowalski

Gingerbread Village

Santa Train

Train Show
1) "Gingerbread Village"
The villagers all seemed happy to see visitors on the day after Christmas, 2008,  at the Saint Louis Zoo!
Argus A2B, postwar coated lens, Kodak Gold 200 film. Probably about f/11 @1/150.

2) "Santa Train"
Look who is driving the train today at the Saint Louis Zoo, December 26, 2008!
Argus A2B, postwar coated lens, Kodak Gold 200 film. Probably about f/8 @1/150.

3) "Train Show
Large well-constructed train layouts are always a bit hit for folks of all ages during the Holiday times.
This was at the annual special exhibit, Missouri Botanical Gardens, Saint Louis, Missouri, the week before Christmas, 2008.
Camera was an Argus C 33, with f/2.8 50mm Cintar, loaded with Kodak Gold 200 film. Exposure was hand held, I did not record settings, but they seemed appropriate for the shot, using available room lighting.

Glenn Garbett

Argus c3 matchmatic

dont know the settings it just sounded like a good click

Roy Schmidt

All I recall was that this was taken with an Argus C3, 400 ISO C-41 monochrome negative film.

Joe Smith

Father Christmas

The Favorite Toy
Both photos were taken with a Geiss modifided C4 and an Argus electronic flash. The film used was Kodak ISO 200 at f 8 at 100th sec.

John Strieb
Pictures taken with Argus C-3 Standard purchased by my ex-boss in late the 1960’s at a PX in Germany while in the military. Stated it did not work.

Location: Taken at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church, San Antonio, Texas where my wife is a Pastor the weekend after the live Nativity Scene.  

Film: Dollar Store “Memories” 200 ASA Film made in Japan –  Shutter set at 300.

Sam Hotton

Christmas Tree
First Place

Button Factory Window
Third Place

Christmas Lights and Bridge
Our Christmas tree photographed with Argus C3 serial # 1922202551.  Exposure 4 seconds @ f8 using a Zeiss proxar 28.5mm diameter,  .3 meter focal length supplemental close up lens. This was ground glass focused along with Nikon B-12 color correction filter, both were taped to front of lens.  Fujicolor 200 asa film used.  As I had to compose and focus with a ground glass,  this shot was the first on the roll.

Window of an old pearl button factory in Vienna, Maryland.  Argus C3 serial # 1922202551 Exposure 8 seconds @ F8 with Nikon B-12 color correction filter taped on front of lens.  Tungsten 3200 K bulb provided outside light to open shadows and match color temperature of interior lights.

Christmas lights and bridge reflections in Salisbury, Maryland.  Argus C3 serial# 1922202551.  Exposure was 8 seconds at F8 using Fujicolor 200 ASA film with Nikon B-12 color correction filter over the lens to balance the tungsten lights.  The weather was crisp and still, a very nice evening.

Wayne Young

Tiny Tree
This photo was taken with the C-3 that my friend Dawn gave me for Yule this year.  This picture was my first attempt using a camera without a built-in meter.  Whatever others my decide, I am pleased with the result.  It reminds me of childhood Christmases.

Wesley Furr


Big Lights

These Photos were taken with the World Argosy C4.  Film used was an expired roll of "Special Moments" 100-speed dollar store film that I never intended to actually use...but was the only film on hand that fit what I needed.