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Holiday Photo Contest 2007 Gallery

Please click here if you wish to view the rules and details about this past contest.

First Place -  James Surprenant, "Snowy Schwinn"

Second Place - Joe Smith, "Christmas Magic"

Third Place - Photo #13 - Sam Hotton, "Mall Cinema"

James Surprenant

Snowy Schwinn
First Place

Winter Street

All photographs are winter scenes taken on Friday, December 12th on my walk over to my office from South Station in Boston, Massachusetts.  A fresh snow had fallen the night before giving the Hub of the Universe yet another 7 inches to trudge through that day.
My camera was the Argus a-four 35mm camera.  Film was the Chinese made Lucky SHD100 B&W film that is popular in junk camera photography circles.  Exposure and focus were guess-timated by the photographer and were not recorded.  I processed the film in Rodinal developer using a standard 25:1 dillution rather than 100:1 stand developing.  I developed the film for 6.5 minutes at 20 deg C. per the recommendation at the Massive Development Chart website.  Negatives were then scanned using an Epson 4990 Perfection scanner.  Contrast was tweaked and digital faux-sepia toning were applied in Photoshop.
Snowy Schwinn was taken on Hancock Street on Beacon Hill in Boston.
Winter Street is on the edge of Downtown Crossing where Winter Street meets Tremont by the Common.
Filene's in Downtown Crossing is currently closed.  A long time downtown institution, it was still decorated with wreaths for the 2007 holiday season.

Bill Carson

Lawn Decorations


The Santa was a 6 second time exposure at f/11 with my
C3 using Kodak BW400cn film. He's across the street from my sister's house, and every year my sister complains how bright he is, usually he illuminates the entire street. Well this year some of his lights must be burned out, he was not nearly his usual self, I think the photo captures his diminished looks.

The lawn decorations were photographed on the day after Christmas. The snow was melting and it was foggy outside. I think they look sort of forlorn, wistfully wishing for Christmas to come back. They were taken with 1/100 second exposure at f/11.

The tree was the only decoration on this particular street. It just sort of stood out in the dark, I think the photo captures that. It was 10 seconds at f/8.

Joe Smith

Christmas Magic
Second Place
Attached is my submision for the Holiday Photo Contest 2007. The photo was taken on a C4. Film Kodak ISO 100 Print Film. Shutter speed 100sec at f11 using electronic flash. The title of the photo is Christmas Magic.

Edmund J. Kowalski

Night Snow


Snow Morning
1)  "Peace"
Argus STL 1000 (Chrome body, m42 screwmount, front speed dial), with Fuji f:2.2 /55 mm lens, ambient light, Walgreens Studio 35 ASA 200 print film.
These candle holders are a longtime family Holiday tradition.
2) "Night Snow"
Argus STL 1000 (Chrome body, m42 screwmount, front speed dial), with Fuji f:2.2 /55 mm lens. Walgreens Studio 35 ASA 200 print film.
Major snow storm during the night. This night time shot was through the kitchen window, indoor lights shut off, by the light of our sodium vapor dusk to dawn yard light... exposure was 1/4 second wide open at f:2.2, hand held. I had remembered to put some seed out for the birds before the storm came in, do not want to starve my little friends during the Holiday Season! To get this shot and angle, I had to climb up onto the counter above the dishwasher on my knees and brace myself against the coffee pot and cookie jar. There was no space for a tripod.
3) "Snow Morning"
Argus STL 1000 (Chrome body, m42 screwmount, front speed dial), with Fuji f:2.2 /55 mm lens. Walgreens Studio 35 ASA 200 print film.
Aftermath of the overnight snow storm, as the sun first rose above the neighborhood, to meet the little blue Holiday lights that had shone through the night. Shot was hand held in the cold, I do not remember the exposure, but I usually try to "overexpose" frames that are mostly snow by two stops or so, in order to allow the snow to show its whiteness. So I am guessing f:5.6 at about 1/125 second.

Sam Hotton

Vienna House

Vienna Lamp Post

Mall Cinema
Third Place
The Mall cinema in Salisbury Maryland was photographed with a Argus C-forty-four serial# 0044060019 on Fujicolour 200ASA @ EV4  2 sec @ f 8.  I liked the bright colors and reflections in the rainy sidewalk.  Perhaps the modern colors of Christmas.
The lamp post and friendly house decorations are very traditional in some of the more historic seacoast areas of Maryland.  Warm and friendly on a cold winters night.  Photographed with a Argus C-forty-four serial# 0044060019 on Fujicolour 200ASA @ EV 4  2 sec @ f 8
The Vienna Maryland farm house on a hill was welcoming in the twilight, its owner came out to watch me take the photograph and was enthralled with the "Old" camera and cable release and no flash.  The camera used was a argus C-3 serial# 1922202551 the film was Ferrania color 200ASA @ EV4  2sec @ f 8

Pete Spencer

Shaws Amusements

Millenium Bridge

Father Christmas - Town Hall
I'm afraid that my pictures seem to offer a rather negaitive picture of the Christmas holiday but we had some really bad weather for a few days which made even going outside the house a very unpleasant experience.
After deciding to take some Argus pictures over the holiday I was disappointed to find that the weather was so overcast that there was barely enough light to shoot even in the middle of the day.

I have three pictures to submit, all taken with an Argus Model A and Kodak 160VC colour negative film. The background to the first two phorographs is a visit to Bolton town centre the Saturday before Christmas. I arrived about 8am in what almost amounted to pitch black. I expected the light to improve soon after but no such luck - the weather deteriorated and about 8:30am the rain started! By 9am I had to call it a day.

1) Shaws Amusements
This is the window display of a mini casino in Bolton.
1/25 @ f4.5

2) Millenium Bridge
Bolton has a mini suspension bridge built to celebrate the millenium and here it is, taken as I beat a retreat to my car as the rain started in earnest. I like the Just Flights sign which suggests it might be a good time to get away to the sun.
1/25 @ f4.5

3) Father Christmas - Town Hall
I took this on boxing day when the weather eased up a bit. The juxtaposition of father Christmas and the two satyrs interested me.
Christmas light don't have much allure in cold daylight. Incidentally this is my local town hall in Weshoughton.
1/50 @ f5.6

John Strieb

Tree 1

Tree 2

Tree 3
The three pictures submitted were taken in the Commons, a park in the City of Castle Hills, Texas, my fair city.


Taken with a C-3 Standard, 200 film purchased at the 99 Cent Store. Taken with shutter speed of 300, “Sunny 16”

Jose Soler

Muņecos Jibaros

Regalos BHC
   -I suddenly realized that the deadline for the submission of photos for our Holiday Contest was almost due. The photos I did take during Xmas were not with Argus cameras, but then I remembered something. I took one with the World Argus C4 when I passed a neighbor's home who decorated his front yard with a "jibaro" motive (jibaros are our hill billies, and Xmas celebration here is specially important in the country and mountains)So there is my first submission.
   My memory flashed again, remembering that I tried a roll of Fuji 400 with an A2B that I had never used before. It was a disaster, since the roll ripped inside the camera and only 4-5 photos were produced, and of poor quality. Hence photo number 2 depicting a Xmas decoration in a hospital reception room I was visiting (not as a patient, thankfully).

Wesley Furr

Grandfather & Toys

"Old" Ornaments

Bubble Lites
All photos were taken with a colormatic C3 that I tuned up a few years back.  Film is serveral years expired Kodak Royal Gold 200 that I've had in the fridge.

Grandfather & Toys - Our son on Christmas morning with his Grandfather.  Taken with electronic flash, 1/50 @ f/8.

"Old" Ormanents - Reproduction vintage ornaments in one of our ornament storage totes.  Hand-held 1/10 @ f/3.5.

Bubble Lites - Our Christmas tree lit up after dark.  I don't remember exposure details on this one.