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Argust 22nd, 2022

All photographs this page 2022 by the respective photographers.

Please click images to view full resolution file as submitted by the photographer.

Maurice Kamins


Pictures were taken while walking around San Francisco. Camera was a Geiss modified C4 with Emma Werk 45mm f1.9 lens. Film was a very old roll of ASA 400 Costco Fujifilm of undefined age.

Rich Reeder


A 1941 Argoflex E was used with Ilford FP4+ B/W film, developed in HC-110e.  I took the camera out for a drive around the Superstition Mountains & the Salt River.

Left:  8.22.2022.  1/50, f/16, Mountainous terrain around Salt River, with Cholla cactus in the foreground. Yellow filter.  You don't get too close to a Cholla, & if you do, it's the last time you act so foolish.

Right:  8.22.2022.  1/100, f/12.7, Saguarro Lake. Yellow filter.  One of the many lakes we have here in the Phoenix area.  In the summer, even in the winter, the lakes get a workout.

Dave Thomas


For Argust 22nd, it rained the previous night and into a dreary morning, so we loaded the C-3 with Kodak Tmax400, a 36 exposure roll as it turned out.  Naturally about the time we were ready to go shooting -- the sun came out!
Ye Olde Photographer began with a few shots of plants on the new deck outside his remodeled kitchen to be sure he had "something" captured. He then wandered northwestward to Pennsburg (PA) and took photos around a former railroad station there. This was on the Perkiomen Branch of the Reading Railroad where regular passenger service dried up in the mid-1950s, although there were some excursions through in more recent times. There is still some freight service on the branch via the East Penn Railroad, a local shortline operation. Image #1 is a view of the Pennsburg station from Fourth Street. The building is now privately owned, but appears to be nicely maintained.

We headed further up the way paralleling the Perkiomen Branch, but eventually cut across to Macungie (PA). From the town's "train watching platform," on the site of the former passenger station, we caught two Norfolk-Southern freights in a fairly short time. Image #2 is a westbound freight with four locos approaching the platform. (Yes, some previous Argus Days have visited this spot!)

Tired of the heat we wandered homeward and shot some odds and ends around the yard. The Tmax400 was developed in Kodak HC110, Dilution H (1+63) for 09:00 at 70F and scanned on a PrimeFilmXE.

A number of shots came out well, even with some occasional challenges of backlighting, drifting clouds, etc. But there seemed with others to be some unexplained large variations in exposure that suggests perhaps a more scientific check of the gear might be in order before next use ("another project!") A selection from the day appears online at: https://pbase.com/dw_thomas/argust22nd2022
Dave Thomas
SE Pennsylvania

Michael Rosenbaum


For Argus Day here in Florida, I took my 45’ Argus C3 to a park near the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. That afternoon, I accidentally double-exposed this image of a Mustang with a prior beach-shot, with a 37’ Argus Model A.

Film: Arista EDU 200
Developer: Rodinal R09 (1:50) for 10 min. @ 20C
Scanner: Epson V500

Ed Kowalski


I started Argus Day with a fresh roll of film in a black-bodied Argus STL-1000 SLR from circa 1970. I could not settle on any real plan, so I bounced around a 12 mile or so area between home, Fenton, Sunset Hills, and Kirkwood, then back to home until the film ran out. All exposures were hand held and with available light. I used one lens, a Yashinon-DS 50mm 1:1.7.The film was Kodak 400 color print film which I rated at ASA 200, but the results were monochrome, since I developed it myself using my Caffenol recipe. The sepia tint was added post-developing.

Argus is the mythical beast of many eyes, so the "Eye" theme seemed appropriate.
"Eye of the Frog" guards the entrance to the visitor's center at Powder Valley Nature Center in Kirkwood.
The 12 foot eyeball watches visitors as they arrive at Laumeier Sculpture Park in Sunset Hills.

It was difficult picking two favorites. All of my Argus Day 2022 images can be seen at:
Images are 2022 E.J.Kowalski.

Sam White


Taken in East Sandwich Ma.  With an Argus C I acquired around 1970.  Photos taken on Ilford Delta 100 film and processed myself.  Picture of the Dog taken with a red filter.  Picture of moving water taken at 1/10 sec.

Michael Kahn


Left: Old Opera House, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Right: "The Wave" Office Building, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Camera: Argus C3 (late 1946)
Lens: f/3.5 50mm Argus Cintar
Film: Ilford XP2 Black&White negative film
Professional lab development and scan

Doug Robbins


Took my 1938 Argus A out for Argus day, First time shooting this camera.
Shot with expired Kodak UltraMax 400. Found the camera a little awkward to use but was able to produce a couple of decent images.

Steve Wagner


I got off work a little early that Monday and drove downtown.  I had my Argus C3 with a roll of Arista EDU 100 loaded.  I walked down the 100 block of West Davie Street taking pictures as the office workers hurried to the car to drive home.  Two people commented on the camera.

Both pictures are of the Wake County EMS.  The geometry of the building attracted my eye and camera.  The roll of film was quickly used up and that is when I found out that I had not packed another roll of film. 

I processed the film at home in HC110 dilution B for 6:30 minutes at 20C. 

Wesley Furr


For Argus Day, the kids and I wandered around the local small town of Bridgewater, VA.  Robert took some photos (see below) and Mary only took a couple with her C3, so the roll is still waiting to be finished.

The photo at left is of some of the older buildings on the south side of town near the river.  The house in the center dates to 1815.  At right is a bench near the river walk that was standing out in a sunbeam.

Shot with Argus C3 on Ilford HP5 Plus and developed in HC-110.

The rest of the photos taken can be found at http://www.megley.com/photos/argus/argust22

Robert Furr


Left 3: Summer Flowers
Argus QC5340 5MP digital camera.

I'm personally amazed how a little camera of this caliber can pull off such a clean image. Especially a "macro" image, if you want to call it that.

Right: Cherry Blossoms
Expired Fuji Superia 400, pulled to 200 on the Argus C4.

Bryan P. Melvin


Left - Model 21, 100 ASA film, F11, 100th of second, Orange series #C filter, caffenol processing.
Right - Raven Couple. This was at the end of my driveway.  Color C41 processing.
The Color Mural in Arivaca Village was Fuji 400 film  Argus C4 1/100 F11  .6ND filter
Arivaca, AZ.

Carl Donington


Shot on an Argus Model A with Kodak Gold 200 Film and developed at the local London Drugs in town.
Medicine Hat . Canada

Bruce MacLellan


For Argust 22 I took out an Argoflex 40 and an Argus C-4.
The picture of the bears was taken with the C-4 on FP4.
The self portrait of me, seen in the reflection of a water park feature was on HP5.
Both films were developed in Blazinal (Rodinal) with stand processing. 1/100 for 80 minutes.
The pictures were taken in Confederation Park and the library next to it.

Art Martin


And now for the lowest of the lowly - the tiny Argus 520 toy camera.
These photos were taken with Kodak Gold 200 outside a Papa's & Beer Mexican restaurant in Greenville, SC.
As might be expected with this type of camera, the pictures aren't very sharp, but it's a fun camera to play with now and then.

James Davis


Left -  Argus C44R with wide angle lens using integral light meter.

On May 23, 1894, Dalton and his new gang robbed the First National Bank at Longview, Texas. During the robbery, one member of the gang and four citizens were killed in a shootout. This was the gang's only job. Bank is now a museum. 

Right - Prewar Argus C3 with Tri-X film.  Elder Lake, Kilgore, TX

Ron Pollack


Pic #1
Subject: Close-up of Flowers
Camera: Argus C3
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Lens: 50mm
f-Stop: 16
Speed: 1/100

Pic #2
Subject:  Close-up of Garden Lighthouse
Camera: Argus C3
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Lens: 50mm
f-Stop: 16
Speed: 1/100

Carey Tarkman


Greetings! Here are my submissions for the current Argust Day 2022. They took a while at the photo lab.

Both shot using  Lomography Earl Grey BW100, taken with my 1962 Argus C3 camera. No corrections made.

Richard Chiriboga


This Argust day I was in Dunedin Florida with my brother. These pictures were taken on the north beach of Honeymoon Island using an Argus CR3-E loaded with 200 ASA film and using the sunny 16 method. The first is of a child's life ring lying on the sand and the second is a shoreline photo with a dead mangrove.

Brad Bull


My C-44 shutter was not working properly. Winding only cocked it a handful of times out of the 24 exposures. I was able to rewind and remove the film but then the shutter jammed altogether. FPP Mummy 400 (Cine 16) developed in D76.

1st photo: 81 Diner along Rt 30 near Abbottstown, PA

2nd photo: Tropical Treat on Rt 94 between Hanover and Cross Keys, PA

Not the greatest ever but I was happy to have anything after my camera issues.

Perry Bain

For Argus Day 2022, I went to Mount Greylock in Adams, Massuachusetts hoping for some scenic vistas. Unfortunately, the mountain top was in the clouds, and there was almost no visibility. Towards the end of my stay there, the clouds cleared a bit, so I was able to take a photo where the Veterans War Memorial Tower at the top is somewhat visible. This was taken with an Argus SLR wiith Argus-Sekor 35mm f/2.8 lens with Kodak Gold 400 film.

Reed George

Shot with my Argus A, which I must admit, I shoot once per year.  On Argust Day.