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Argust 17th, 2017

All photographs this page 2017 by the respective photographers.

Please click images to view full resolution file as submitted by the photographer.

James Surprenant


I was able to take a few pics in and around Union Station in New Haven around 7 am

OLD SKOOL SELFIE - A large cracked convex mirror at the narrow entrance to the Union Station parking garage in New Haven provided a good opportunity for an Old Skool Selfie!

TO TRAINS - Commuters rush off to the platform at New Haven's Union Station bound for Grand Central Terminal in NYC and all points in between.

Both photographs taken with a 7-speed Argus C3 rangefinder camera, serial no. 234418, on Kentmere 100 ISO black and white film.  Handheld exposures were unrecorded but calculated with the myLightMeterPro IOS app on an iPhone 6S.  Development was in Rodinol 20:1 dilution for 15 minutes at 20 deg C and negatives scanned at 600dpi on a now somewhat ancient Epson Perfection 4990 flatbed scanner.  Final images cropped and exposure tweaked in Adobe Photoshop 10.0 on a mid 2011 21.5"  iMac running macOS Sierra.   Both photographs 2017 JMSurprenant.

Edmund J. Kowalski


High Ridge, Missouri
Images are 2017 E.J.Kowalski
"Powder Valley Frog," STL-1000 with Yashinon f:1.7/50mm.
"Sky Cross," above the cemetery, C3 Matchmatic with f:3.5/50mm Cintar lens.
For Argus Day this year I choose three cameras to use:
An Argus STL-1000 SLR, An Argus "Cintar" 2 megapixel compact digital (for backup, in case something went wrong with the film), and a model C3 Matchmatic.
The film cameras were loaded with rolls of Fuji 200 color print film, the digital was loaded with 1 gig SD card.
And I chose three locations to visit:
Laumeier Sculpture Park, Powder Valley Conservation Center, and an old cemetery in Kirkwood on Geyer Road at Monroe.
The STL-1000 performed well enough with the Yashinon 50mm lens.
The C3 Matchmatic did very well, showing how crisp the images can be from a clean and adjusted f:3.5 / 50mm Cintar lens in an Argus Brick body.
For more images from my sets see: www.pbase.com/edkowalski/argust17/

Dwight Howie


Bruce Maclellan


The first picture was taken at Burnaby Lake Park. It was taken on an Argus C4M Electro.
The second was taken not far away in front of CG Brown Pool and Sports Centre. It is of a topiary frog holding a Canada flag (it is Canada's 150th birthday). It was taken with an Argus E TLR with 120 Ilford Delta Pro 100 developed in Blazinol (Rodinal).

Wesley Furr


I spent my lunch break on Argust 17th having lunch with a friend and giving him a chance to shoot an Argus (see Greg's photos below).  Not sure I've yet convinced him to give up his Leica though...

We took some photos in the park, then I wandered through town a bit looking for interesting shots.  The first photo is of a local Italian restaurant on main street.  Second photo is of a door on another older building on main street.

All photos taken with an Argus C3 on Fuji 200 film.

More photos from the roll can be seen at http://megley.com/photos/argus/argust17

Greg Smith


As a first time C3 shooter I need more practice but am happy with the results.  It has been much too long since shooting film and I thoroughly enjoyed the slower, totally manual approach.  I will certainly be using film and manual cameras more often.

Tom Hoglund


Two pics taken on Argust 17th of the Blue Angels practicing for the annual Chicago Air & Water Show. The Blue Angels only appear every 2nd year, alternating with the Air Force Thunderbirds. In honor of the bright colors of these Navy planes, used Kodak ISO 400 color film to capture the fast action and sent them out for developing instead of doing at home. 

These were taken on an Argus/Cosina STL 1000.  In order to get the reach I needed, I used a Tamron Adaptall 80-210 zoom with the M42 adapter.  Shot at 1/1000 at about f/8 or whatever my handheld meter was saying at the moment (meter in the camera is several stops off).

You can tell how fast these babies were flying by our window on the 27th floor by looking at how the boats in the closer shot are motion blurred even at 1/1000 of a second as I pan the camera to follow the planes.

Rich Reeder


Both photos were taken with a 1947-ish Argus C3, #246418.  On the 17th, I was in Charleston, SC, to see my son, Ross, & his wife, My.  I used Ilford FP4+ black & white film, home developed in HC-110, dilution 'D' (1:39).

1st Photo:  8.17.2017.  1/100, f/13.5, Fort Sumter, SC.  Yellow filter.  The fort was initially several stories tall, but the Confederacy had shelled it so much that it is now a 'ruins'.  It is being cleaned up, a process that started in the 1800's, a real job with a future.  Charleston is in the distance.

2nd Photo:  8.17.2017.  1/50, f/9.5, Ross at 23 Queen St, Charleston, SC, & canon in sidewalk.  Charleston has been filling in & building on the fill for 200 years. This canon, no doubt unusable at the time, was used as a tie down for ships.  That road used to be the ocean, & Ross would be standing on the 'dock'.  For some reason the people kept it where it was, & built the sidewalk around it.  Probably the only one like it in America.

Dave Thomas


This year's Argus Day found Ye Olde Photographer on a meandering multi-day trip toward southeastern Illinois to attempt to capture the total eclipse on August 21st. YOP found himself at a hotel in Springfield Ohio at the end of a rainy evening and it wasn't until reading his email after a late dinner and seeing comments from other Argus folks he snapped back to attention!

Well, never too late ... the plan had been to use some ancient Kodak Panatomic-X, but since it was already dark outside, we loaded the C-3 with an actual in-date 24-exposure cassette of Kodak 400Tmax. We began the roll with some night shots outside the Holiday Inn Express. Then, to stay within the 17th, we went inside to the hotel room and did silly things. A tripod was used for all this, as the exposures used fairly slow shutter speeds. Normally the C-3 would not be Ye Olde Photographer's first choice for night shots and table top or interior detail shots, but it was an interesting challenge.  The film was developed in Kodak HC110, Dilution H (1+63), scanned with a PrimeFilm XE.

Picture 1:  Lobby entrance for the aforementioned hotel

Picture 2:  "Selfie" a bit of vanity to add variety 

A selection of the rest of the roll, some finished the next morning, may be seen at YOP's PBase site.

(And the eclipse results are up also -- but not taken with an Argus.)

Cagdas Ozturk

Flickr Profile: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cagdasozturk/

Taken by Cagdas Ozturk
Camera: Argus Argoflex E
Film: Kodak Portra 400
Location: Union Station, Chicago

Perry Bain


The first photo is Car 355 at the Connecticut Trolley Museum in Windsor, CT. The second is from Saville Dam in Barkhamsted, CT. Both photos were taken with an Argus C44R camera with 35mm Cintagon lens, using Fujicolor C200 film.

Ron DeBlock


1. New bridge in my neighborhood, opened just a few weeks before Argus
Day on Argust 1, 2017. It replaced a bridge built in 1910. C3, 35mm
Sandmar, 400TX

2. A pirate ship on the beach in my neighborhood. C3, 50mm Cintar,
yellow filter, 400TX

Richard Chiriboga


The first is A memorial to the memory of the hunt. The grounds that were used are now a beautiful park that runs along the Nashua River and is used by us for walking along the trail with our doggies!!! It is called, of course, "The Dog Park!!!"  i used a Kowalski C3 sunny 16 200 ASA film at f5.6.
The second picture was taken of a statue of a faithful dog. It is part of a large circular bench near the river. I used a Kowalski C3, sunny 16 rules. 200 ASA film at f5.6.

Diana Chiriboga-Flor


These are the pictures taken by Richard's daughter, Diana. We decided to first visit the super famous Bancroft Castle located on top of Gibbet Hill in Groton. The first picture is of bumblebees doing their thing. I forget what those prickly things are called but interesting!!!. The second picture sure surprised us. A group of people were filming scenes from a movie using the castle as a set. The gladiator is Arcus and his picture was taken by an Argus!!!  Diana used a CR1, sunny 16 200 ASA at F16.

Dixon J. Miller


Both photos were shot with my Argus C44 on Kodak T-MAX 400 (my first time using this film...I couldn't get any Tri-X, so opted for T-MAX).  It was very sunny that Thursday, as I exited the NYC subway on Wall Street, by Trinity Church, and headed east a few blocks to take the ferry across the East River to the Brooklyn IKEA.  I shot these at 1/300 sec, f5.6-8, with a red A filter.

1. The first shot was taken from the Trinity Church Cemetery, looking past the shadowed statue of John Watts towards the tops of structures old and new, including the Church's pinnacles and the top of One World Trade Center's Freedom Tower.

2. The second shot shows Manhattan, taken from a Brooklyn-bound ferry, with parts of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges in view.

Ron Pollack


Subject: Ducks near a pond (Monroeville, PA)
Camera: Argus C44
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Lens: 100mm
f-Stop: 5.6
Speed: 1/125

Brad Bull


I ran out with my '58 Matchmatic loaded with 200 speed Fujifilm. Both shots are from the York Fairgrounds, home of "Americas' First Fair". The first shot is of the side of the Grandstand. The other is one of the iron gates to enter the fairgrounds.

Joe Gigli


I am a professional photographer in NJ, and in my free time I like to shoot film with old cameras.
I found your site last year and figured why not use an Argus C3 on my Vacation back in August, and I am looking forward to 8/18/18.
The  photos are of the Covered bridge in Downsville NY in the Catskill Region, using an Argus C3 with the Argus Coated Cintar 50mm F3.5.
Film was Fuji Superia 400 and my exposures where 1/300th at F/16, negatives were scanned with a Nikon LS-2000.