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Argust 16th, 2016

All photographs this page 2016 by the respective photographers.

Please click images to view full resolution file as submitted by the photographer.

Tiffany Rantanen


I took the opportunity to test out my new Argus C3 camera and shoot for my very first "Argust" Day. Everything seems to be working except for the 1/10 shutter speed that is a little sticky. Shot using Fuji color 35mm film, ISO 200, Sunny f 16 rules from scanned photos.

Photo 1: Red bike outside the Marquette Food Co-Op Deli building. Marquette, MI. Shot at f 11.
Photo 2: Metal fence spikes, Marquette, MI., shooting wide open at f 3.5 at about 3 feet.

Richard and Wanda Lo Heather


Wanda Lo:

It was foggy and smoky in Los Osos today for Argust 16th. California has been bone dry for months and several fires have been raging. My wife and I went to a local state park to try to get some sun and photograph an oak forest. I brought my C44r with 35mm Cintagon lens. We noticed some mosquitoes as we started but they would be gone as we left the creek area. It has not rained here in months but there have been some heavy fog dew in the morning that must have spawned a flock of hungry mosquitoes. I wanted to push on to photograph the oak forest. My CM2 meter didn't seem to be working but I really don't need a meter. We hiked very fast to try to stay away from the skeeters but there were several on us all the time. We passed through the oaks and up to a saddle "maybe the skeeters will be less on the windy side" NO. After starting down I noticed the meter was not attached to the camera. We turned around expecting to find it at the last couple of stops but no. "It wasn't working anyway but lets go back the way we came" I found it in the main Oak grove and after a fall on the ground the meter was working again. We booked it back to the car with many bites but hopefully some pictures.

Marty Magid

I shot 2 photos with my Argoflex E using Efke Direct Positive paper (ISO 1) but one was too underexposed to use.  This shot was 6 sec. at f/18, camera on tripod in my garage.

Tom Hoglund


Here are my two pics with an Argus A3.
It was a cloudy day in Chicago so I thought instead of complaining, I'd take advantage of it. The daylight picture was done with a Red 25 filter hand held over the lens to accentuate the clouds, extending the normal exposure time by 3 stops.

The night time picture of Navy Pier is in honor of its 100th anniversary this year. It is called Navy Pier because it used to be a Naval training facility.  In fact, George Bush the elder did his Navy pilot training there in 1942. Shot at F/8 with a 10 second exposure. Your choice to believe whether I managed to capture a ghost image of the 100 year old pier or I bumped the tripod.

Shot on Kodak T-Max 100 and developed in Ilfosol 3 developer. 

Dwight Howie


These were shot with a Argus Cosina stl with cosinon 50mm 1.8 and an Argus matchmatic c3 with cintar lens both were loaded with Kentmere 100 asa developed in D-76 scanned on a Canon 8600f  light judged by Sunny 16

James Surprenant


Argust 16 2016 was balmy and hot in New Haven Connecticut.  I loaded my early edition Argus C4 (serial no. 0246767 - large knurl on knobs, round VF window, 1/200 sec top speed) w. a roll of Ilford Pan F+ 50 ISO B&W film and went for a walk on lunch and then finished the roll at home with a few still life compositions.  I developed the film in a 1+20 dilution of Rodinol for 11 minutes, fixed with Ilford fixer, scanned the negatives with my Epson 4990 scanner and then slapped the final images around a bit in Photoshop."  See more of my Argust 16 photos here: http://tiny.cc/2pp4dy

PHOTO ONE: Abandoned Sacred Heart Catholic Church, New Haven, CT.
Interested in starting your own church?  It's for sale!
2016 JMSurprenant

PHOTO TWO: America Had One King: Argust 16 was of course also the 39th anniversary of the death of the King of Rock and Roll. My copy of From Elvis in Memphis spins on my UTurn Audio Orbit turntable.
2016 JMSurprenant

Dave Thomas


Argust 16th broke tradition as Ye Olde Photographer found himself on the road visiting his sister and brother-in-law at their new digs in Conway, SC.  He went armed with his late 1957 vintage C3 and a couple of rolls of Ilford FP4 Plus -- yes, we used in-date film this year. The general theme of the day was "live oaks," something not found in Pennsylvania.

Picture 1: "Picket Fence"
A house on a street of nice homes in Conway. A street that has been built around some huge live oaks.

Picture 2: "Spanish Moss"
One of many live oaks on the 9000+ acres of Brookgreen Gardens, a sculpture park along US 17 in Murrells Inlet, south of Myrtle Beach.

The shots deemed reasonably successful may be seen in my PBase galleries. Film was developed in HC110 1+63 ("Dilution H") and scanned on a PrimeFilmXE.

Edmund J. Kowalski


"Black Spider" 2016 Edmund J. Kowalski,  Argus STL-1000 with Fuji 200 film. Hand held with available light. This is a model, part of a diarama display in the basement of Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center, Kirkwood, Missouri.

"Snapper" 2016 Edmund J. Kowalski, Argus STL-1000 with Fuji 200 film. Hand held with available light. This guy is alive, in an aquarium in the main hall of Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center, Kirkwood, Missouri.
I shot with two cameras on Argust 16th, an Argus STL-1000, and an Argus C-4. More of my images from the two sets can be seen at: http://www.pbase.com/edkowalski/argust16

Bruce MacLellan


The first was taken on an Argoflex E , 120 Acros 100. I had used the camera the week before and the pictures came out fine, this time I didn't get the back closed properly and most came out light damaged. This is of a railway signal arm on the tracks near Burrard Inlet, Burnaby.

I also had a Argus A-four with colour film and this came out very good. This picture is of a play area at Confederation Park, Burnaby.

Wesley Furr


Argus Day this year fell again during the week of the county fair, so I shot my roll of film while roaming the fairgrounds with the kids.

The first photo is of the bingo booth, the second is one of the food shacks.  Both these were hand-held photos, somewhere between 1/10 and 1/25.  I am amazed I managed to get them to turn out as well as they did!

Photos taken on Fuji 200 film with a late model C3.  The rest of the roll can be seen at http://www.megley.com/photos/argus/argust16

William Hamblen

The Parthenon reflected in Watauga Lake, Centennial Park, Nashville, TN, on August 16, 2016.  Taken with a circa 1955 Argus C3 using Kodak BW400CN film.  f/16 @ maybe 1/300.

Brad Bull


The first is of a horse. I had just taken a photo of his barn which piqued his interest. He walked over to me at the fence and let me pet him. Nothing like trying to line up a Super 75 viewfinder on a moving horse. Fortunately he stood still long enough for me to snap the shot.

The second (my favorite) is of a tombstone in the Wolf's Church cemetery near York, PA. This was at the end of my "freestyling" photo shoot after work. While driving there was a weather alert on the radio warning of severe thunderstorms in the area. The storm chased me the whole way home. You can see the ominous clouds rolling in behind the tombstone.

Both were shot using my Argus Super 75 with a roll of 100 ISO Lomography Earl Grey B&W.

Prudence and Dave Stephenson

I am going to include my two shots as well as two from my 8-year-old daughter, Prudence. While she is not an actual member of the Group, she is the proud owner of a Teal Leather covered C4, and was pretty enthralled when we stopped at the Museum last month on our way through Ann Arbor…

First, Pru's shots, both from her C4, exposure calculated by her using the digital light meter I gave her that morning. The namesake Cuyahoga Falls, from the bridge in the park we were strolling through, and me, shooting back t her with my CC. The CC had really old and badly stored Kodak Gold 200, and yielded no useful shots, alas. Eastman XX, developed using Diafine. Scanned using my Kodak Pakon scanner:


Now, mine. First one is me using her C4, to finish out the roll so I could soup it with mine. This is the sign at a local grocery store that was recently razed and rebuilt to be more modern. They saved the sign, probably from the 1950s. I liked the ominous clouds behind the lit up sign.

And, finally, a color example from my V-100, using some very old Fuji film that was in a camera bag I bought on eBay. No way to know how old it is, but it is ISO 100 drugstore film. Probably should toss the rest of it, but there are a couple good shots on the roll. This one shows my daughter taking a picture of me with the teal C4. Developed at the last drugstore in town that has a one-hour machine, and scanned using my Kodak-Pakon scanner.


Rich Reeder


Here are the Argust 16th photos that I'm submitting.  I used a 1961 Argus C44R #1731237777 with ilford FP4+ film, ASA 125, developed in HC-110 ('D').

First:  1/125, f/12.7, A view from my daughters front sidewalk.  I get my grand-daughter early in the morning, & this view looked interesting.

Second:  1/60, f/6.7, My grand-daughter in 'Airplane'.  Yellow filter.  My brother took some scraps of stuff he had around his yard, & made this 'airplane' for the kids.  He used an old wheel chair, a broken bicycle, scraps of lumber & aluminum.  It can fit two kids, the front kid pedals the broken bicycle & the propeller spins around, & the rear kid works the joy-stick & the rear horizontal fins go up & down, either together or independently.  I kind of wish I had something like this when I was young, back in the Jurassic.

Richard Chiriboga


Goldenrod!!! I think.... Argus CR1 200ASA Processed by Dwayne's

Pretty in Pink!!! CR1 ASA200

Sam Hotton


  Both Argus Day pictures were photographed with my Argus A2F #28869 of 1939-1940 vintage using Ilford Pan f+ film,  rated asa 40 using a 2x yellow filter. Developed in Diafine 3'+3'.

     My sweet Megan was kind enough to be my mermaid,  languishing in the warm sunshine and the occasional cooling ocean spray of the breakers.  I feel my exposure was 1/100 second at f9.

     We stopped at a small local tavern for some cooling refreshment on the way home from our lovely day at the ocean. We both were enchanted by the play of light and shadow through the sparkling glassware, and could not resist trying to capture it.  Exposure as I recall was  1/50 second between f4.5 and f6.3.

Megan Hotton


Sam Hotton Writes:  My missus Megan wanted to submit some pictures for Argus Day and I showed her how to shoot color pictures using a method known as TtV  or  Through the Viewfinder.  This is done by setting up a twin lens Argus Seventy-five on a tripod and composing the subject of choice using the viewfinder.  Then using a modern digital camera such as in our case a Canon G10, one photographs the image as seen in the viewfinder.  So, one is actually capturing an image transmitted through an Argus camera lens.   As I have to go about 140 miles to find someone to process C-41 and scan it, I see this method as a way someone can still produce an image in color or black & white using their classic Argus cameras.  Perhaps not as cool as it was in the old days,  but for those that do not have the means for wet soup or even scanning,  they can make a Argus image with an Argus camera and a point and shoot digital or even a cell phone camera.

The following is by Megan:
     The photo of the stuffed friends is our collection, and I thought it would be fun to immortalize them with the Argus. We took them outside, laid them on top of the picnic table which was covered with a Hello Kitty blanket, and posed them. And no one blinked as I took the picture!   Exposure was 1/400 second at 5.6 @asa 100 taken through the viewing lens of our Argus seventy-five #5304 from April 1953.

     The photo of the house and split-rail fence is from a local plantation dated 1741, which I love because I am fascinated with Colonial American history and the Revolutionary War era. The house pre-dates the Revolutionary War and the French and Indian war.  It is a wonderful place to go for a walk with friends, lovers, and pets.  Exposure was 1/400 second at f4  @asa 100 taken through the viewing lens of our Argus Seventy-five #5304 from April 1953.

Amy Eklund


I used Kodak 100TMax film in my Argus C3 for these photos of the Tryon School which is now used as the township hall in Southwest Michigan.  I didn't record my settings.  My photos were developed and scanned by Thedarkroom.com.

John Mickevich


Attached are a couple which came out nicely from my trusty Argus C3, circa 1953.

Images were taken around my home time of Ludington Michigan on Kodak Tmax 400 which expired 8/1994.  Developed in Xtol 1+1 for 9 1/4 minutes.

Both taken with Argus 50mm Cintar f/3.3 lens.  The carferry was f/16 at 1/100, and the sign is f/8 1/50.  Since the film was expired 20 years, I followed my rule of thumb to over exposed one stop for each decade of “expiredness” and metered at ISO 100.

Ron Pollack


Subject: Youghiogheny River - Approximately 20 miles SE of Downtown Pittsburgh
Camera: Argus C3
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Lens: 50mm

Pic #1
f-Stop: 5.6
Speed: 1/300
Filter: UV-16

Pic #2
f-Stop: 11
Speed: 1/100
Filter: UV-16