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Argust 14th, 2014

All photographs this page 2014 by the respective photographers.

Please click images to view full resolution file as submitted by the photographer.

Richard Heather


I took out an Argoflex E with some newer film inside today 8/14/14. I took some pictures around the house and developed the film.

More of Richard's photos can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/20866037@N00/

Earl English


Both shot at Chimney Rock State Park in NC, film Arista Premium 400 (Tri X) In an Argus STL 1000, processed in PC-Glycol.

Dave Thomas


For Argust 14th, we celebrated by running some 27 year old film (Kodak Panatomic-X) through a 57 year old camera, an Argus C-3.  We had a near disaster, discovering just the afternoon before the Big Day that the aperture was messed up in the 50mm Cintar. We managed to take it apart and put it together again successfully and so far, it's working.  The Colebookdale Railroad dates back to just after the Civil War, having been built to serve various iron making operations along the Manatawny and Ironstone Creeks north of Pottstown Pennsylvania. Later it became part of the Reading Railroad and ran from the Reading Schuylkill Valley mainline at Pottstown to somewhere north of Boyertown.  This year a non-profit group is making progress toward getting a tourist line operation going on the line. That inspired Ye Olde Photographer to explore a little.

Picture #1 is Pottsgrove Manor, a Georgian style mansion of "restrained elegance" which was built in 1752 for John Potts, the founder of Pottstown and a major player in the burgeoning iron and steel activity in the area. It is now a Montgomery County historic site and the house and gardens are open for tours.

Picture #2 is getting "arty," a view taken from under a plate girder bridge that carries the Colebrookdale Line over High Street on the west side of Pottstown, just a few hundred yards from the house pictured in #1.

Twenty exposures worth of Panatomic-X from a 100' bulk roll dated December 1988 were loaded into a cartridge, and many of the scenes were bracketed in exposure as we wandered further up the line. A modest selection of the better results in addition to these submissions may be seen in the photographer's PBase gallery at http://www.pbase.com/dw_thomas/argust14th2014.  The gallery includes links to info on the railroad and the historic site. Access to some of the right of way is a bit frustrating, but the line has a wide assortment of interesting bridges -- maybe it will also be next year's topic!

Joe Smith


Both photos are of the Austin Sawmill in Kinmount Ont. The mill has been partially restored as a tourist attraction. Lumbering played a major role in the settlement of the area.

Both photos were taken with an Argus CR1, 70 to 205mm Cintar zoom lens,
500th sec at f5.6, Fuji 400 iso color film processed in Tetenal C41 kit.

Edmund J. Kowalski


For Argust Day 2014, I prepared two cameras:
A Model C44, serial number 0044050600 (mid 1950's), fitted with an Accurapid Wind accessory (for quick winding), and loaded with a fresh roll of Fuji 200 film;
and a 1940's Postwar (coated lens) Model A2B, serial number A2B 211486, loaded with a freezer stock roll of Kodak Gold 100.
For exposure value confirmation, I packed a Gossen Pilot hand meter in the bag.
At 8:00 AM I was at the doors of the St. Louis Zoo as they opened for the day. This is the best way to ensure favorable parking. And the weather was still ideal at that early hour.
Walking the Zoo, I shot film with the two cameras back and forth for comparison.

"Early Morning Cafe" was shot with the C44, and "No Swimming" was captured with the A2B at the entrance to the upper hippo viewing area.

Side by side, the two cameras' results compared favorably.
More of my Argust 14th images can be seen at:

Vaughn Martens


On the warmest day this summer I took an Argus Cr-2 out to a Nature Conservancy Site near home on the Root River for a shoot.

Rich Reeder


Unfortunately, these negatives were abused either at the airport's x-ray machine, or at the Walgreens photo processing machine.  But, as bad as they are, they were still taken on 14.Aug.2014, with an Argus C3 Matchmatic #1823421188.

#1: Grandpa Rich feeding Grand-daughter Andi.  She just turned a year last month.  I used an air bulb to fire the shutter.  It can be seen in my left hand on the table.  1/10 sec, f/4.  Fuji ASA 100 color print film.

#2: A Mexican Bird, in flower (it seems that they're always in flower), in our backyard.  Try to envision it popping with color instead of all muddy.  1/120 sec, f/16.  Fuji ASA 100 color print film.

Bruce Maclellan


The first is of the Confederation Park Seniors Center in Burnaby BC. It was taken with a C4 using Kodak C-41 B&W film.
The second is an old dock(not used very much these days) at Barnet Marine Park,  also in Burnaby. Argus C4 and outdated Kodak 200 film.

Fred Stelling


Pic 1 - Palace Playland, Old Orchard Beach, Maine - we spent our vacation in Maine this year, and I took along my C3 (s/n (1)813158, c. 1952). Argust 14th found us in Old Orchard Beach, a classic family shore experience.  The Palace Playland was my target - colorful, and it was a very sunny day.  Sun was starting down, late afternoon. This one was shot on Fujicolor Super HQ 400 at 1/300, f16.
Pic 2 - Palace Playland, Old Orchard Beach, Maine - A view of the ferris wheel over the carousel, late afternoon. Fulicolor Super HQ 400, at 1/300, f16.

William Lanteigne


Taken with Argus DC3810 digital camera. I had never used this camera except for a few test shots when I first got it. This was a test of it's "real world" abilities, and I'm not disappointed.

More photos can be found at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/arguscg/photos/albums/1876019295 (You must be a member of the Yahoo ACG Group to access this link)

Steven Tryon

Here is my one photo from Argust 14.  I had great plans for getting out for an afternoon walk and taking lots of pictures, but work turned out to be a zoo (a happy, productive zoo, but a zoo nonetheless).  The western sky was still pretty when I got home so I stepped out on the back deck for a shot.  I developed the roll after work yesterday and started scanning this evening.

Argus C3 Brick, 35mm lens
Ilford Delta 400 Professional
Negative scan worked up in the Gimp

Herb Ellis


I knew I would be in San Francisco visiting my son on August 14th, so I packed my Argus C44r and 35mm Cintagon lens in addition to my usual Mamiya 7 and Tmax 100 film.  The day was beautiful and I got a lot of interesting photos although not framed as well as I would like because I don't have an accessory view finder for this lens. Kodak Ultramax 400 film and 1/300 sec. at f16 did the job for these photographs at Fisherman's Wharf.

Adrian Gray


The best(!) two pics I took on the 14th itself are attached - took more time and film than I thought to get used to the Brick again...

Richard Chiriboga


On Argus 14th took an old Argus C3 and rode my old self on my old Raleigh to Pepperell MA to take pictures of the old Pepperell Hydro Electric Co. The pictures are of the spillway and to conduit, which is new, leading to the generator!!! It is still producing electricity!!!!

Perry Bain


The photo of my cat Cleo was taken with an Argus SLR camera with Kodak Portra 400 film. This was my first chance to use the 135mm Argus-Sekor lens. My first "serious" camera (bought used back in the late 1970s) was an Argus SLR (the Mamiya-made one), but I found it frustrating that telephoto lenses for that mount seemed non-existent. So, this is the lens that took me 35 years to get.

The photo of the Edgemere Drive-In sign (in Shrewsbury, MA) was taken with an Argus C44R with 35mm Cintagon lens and Series VI polarizer filter on Kodak Ektar 100 film. I took some photos with an Argoflex E at the same time. The Argoflex photos are more detailed and sharper, but I like this version better anyway.

A few additional Argust photos can be viewed here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/perry_b/collections/72157646898072045/

Tom Hoglund


Argust 14th was a beautiful day for the Blue Angels to practice for the Chicago Air & Water Show. I thought I'd really challenge myself and shoot some pics with one of my C3s.

Picture #1 shows them flying over Navy Pier with two of the four planes inverted.  Who says a C3 is not an action camera?

Really only got one shot per pass with my 1957 Argus C3 with 50mm lens, which I figure shoots about one frame every 6 seconds. Contrast that to the camera my wife was using, which was a Nikon D7100 through an 80-400mm lens at about 6 frames per second.  Its been said many times before, shooting with film teaches you shot discipline.

Note that the Argus designers who made it look so cool with a silver lens and trim were trading off ever being able to shoot through a window on a bright day, as you can see parts of the C3 reflected in the window.

Picture #2 shows my pals who were watching the Blue Angels with me - my Matchmatic from 1958, one of the original C3 flashes and my own Blue Angel, a 1947 C3 that I replaced the leatherette on with some embossed blue leather. That's the one with the 35mm lens that I've posted questions about adjusting the focus. I also took the same picture using an Argus 9138 electronic flash for fill which came out pretty good, but liked this one with the warm afternoon sun lighting the cameras a bit better.

Anyway, was a great day and happy to share my experience and read about everyone else's.

Ron Pollack


Pic #1
Subject: Old Stone Church, Monroeville, PA: 1834 - Rebuilt 1896
Camera: Argus C Forty-Four
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Lens: 35mm
f-Stop: 16
Speed: 1/125

Pic #2
Subject:  Old Stone Church, Monroeville, PA: 1834 - Rebuilt 1896
Camera: Argus C Forty-Four
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Lens: 35mm
f-Stop: 16
Speed: 1/125

Bob Graichen


These two pictures were shot in St. Ignace, MI.

I used an Argus Markfinder 21 using Kodak Ektar 100.

Photo one is the famous 5 mile long Mackinac Bridge
Photo two is of a very patriotic moose in St. Ignace.

This is the first time I have used this camera and I used the "sunny 16" rule.

Wesley Furr


Argust 14th fell during the week of the Rockingham County Fair.

The first photo is a shot of the antique tractor pull.

You may recognize the famous person in the second photo.  "Breaker 1, Breaker 1. I might be crazy but I ain't dumb, Craaaazy Cooter comin' atcha!"  Yep, that would be Ben Jones.  He was there singing that evening.  I was hoping for a stage shot, but he was wrapping up a set as we walked by and I knew we wouldn't have a chance to come back later.  Just as well...I thought I had a 24 exposure roll, but it turned out it was only a 12...though I did manage to get 15 shots on the roll!

You can see all the photos I took at http://www.megley.com/photos/argus/argust14/