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Argust 13th, 2013

All photographs this page 2013 by the respective photographers.

Please click images to view full resolution file as submitted by the photographer.

Earl English


The day was cloudy, with off and on showers.

First photo is a shot of a Graflex RB Series B SLR camera shot with a C3 S/N 1172591, 50mm f:3.5 lens using a Minolta Auto 32 flash, 1/100 sec @ f:5.6, Ultrafine Xtreme 100 film processed in PC-Glycol.

Second photo -  A barn near Landrum, SC shot with an Argus C33, 1/300 second @ f:16, Ultrafine Xtreme 400 Metered by CM2 meter mounted on the camera. Processed in PC-Glycol.

I have posted a few more on Picasa:  (Click here to go to Picasa Album)

Joe Smith


The Railsend Gallery is a public Art Gallery in Haliburton Ont. in an old railroad station that Pam and I were involved with for a number of years.  The photo was taken with an EC2000, Kodak PlusX film ISO 125, f8 at 250th sec. and developed in D76.

The Swimming Hole is in the park that the gallery is in in the middle of the village and is one of the most popular places in town. The municipality has been trying for years to stop the kids from jumping of the bridge with out any luck.  The photo was taken with an EC2000, Kodak PlusX film ISO 125, f5.6 at 250th sec. and developed in D76.

Bruce MacLellan


I took an Argus C-4 to Burnaby BC's Heritage Village Museum. One shot is of the store front of The Stride Studios. I liked the reference to FILM. The image was captured on Fuji 200.

The other shot is of some of the carved carousel horses in the carousel building at the Heritage Village. C-4 with Fuji 200.

Rich Reeder


Camera: 1952 Argus C3 #805099.  Film: Kodak Gold ASA 100.
First: Line of trees, 1/100, f/11.  This is by the parking lot to the new Mesa Arts Center.  August is hot here, & the tree shade is a welcome refuge to the sunlight.

Second: Cactus, 1/300, f/9.  Part of the decoration for the Mesa Arts Center.  In a hundred years, these will have to be transplanted.  (I hope they put that on their calendar.)

Herb Ellis


Lake City FL

Alligator Lake Boat Ramp

On August 13th, I shot some photos around the house and then drove around Lake City, Florida, looking for good subject material. This lake has some good-sized bass and, yes, it does have alligators. Argus C3 Standard, 50 mm Cintar, F8, 1/100 sec. on Fuji 200 film.

Dock Planks

This is a close-up of section of the planks in the dock at the boat ramp. Argus C3 Standard, 50 mm Cintar, F11, 1/100 sec. on Fuji 200 film. This year I used my free exposure meter app on my cell phone to confirm my guess at the exposure settings for both of these photos.

Perry Bain


Both of these photos were taken in Grafton, MA. The clock tower is the Unitarian church in Grafton center. The "cow" is at the Tufts veterinary school. The camera I used was an Argus SLR with the 58mm Argus-Sekor lens, and the film was Kodak Portra 400.

Edmund J. Kowalski


First Image: "C3 Amur Cork Tree"

Second image: "C4 Glass Floats"

Argust 13 for me dawned dry with a light variable overcast and pleasant temperatures.  I decided to take two cameras to the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, affectionately known as "Shaw's Gardens," with two rolls of Kodak 200 print film. I referred to a Gossen Pilot meter while determining my exposures.

The C-four, SN 0000525055, has strap lugs that are my own modification.

The C3 Brick, SN 1596599, has had considerable repair and restoration. The body is 1950s Colormatic series. Lens is later vintage, Matchmatic type 50mm Cintar, and came off of one of the “freebie” tables at an Argus Collectors Group Gathering in Eden, North Carolina, the lens re-calibrated to work with the Colormatic body.

For more images from my shooting session, please look at:

These images are 2013 E.J.Kowalski.

Vaughn Martens


Lighthouse - I took this picture from the 3rd tee while playing a round in the morning.  It is my favorite course right on Lake Michigan. You can catch glimpses of the Lighthouse from almost every hole.

Driftwood - After my round I went to the beach by the light house. The clouds, water, and driftwood caught my eye. I really enjoy the Lake Michigan shore.

Sean Perner


My name is Sean Perner, I live in Las Vegas, and I would like to contribute two pictures that I took for Argust 13th.  I took these with an Argus C3 with a Soligor 135mm lens.  I used some expired Kodak Gold 400ISO film that I found at a local Goodwill.  These pictures are from my first roll/first attempt to use the Argus C3 with the 135mm lens.  I wasn't able to gauge how the photos would be composed.

Charlie Maguire


These two shots were studies of the Minnesota State Capitol, in Saint Paul.

I used an Argus C3 loaded with Ilford 125 B&W at F.16.
Photos were printed on matte paper, then scanned.
I'm proud to present our state as seen through the lens of an Argus!

John Stepp


My story is that I had part of a roll from the Argus gathering earlier in the year on a 200 sp 36 ex roll.  For my Argus day work I just finished the 36 roll. 

It was an aged 200 speed roll that I think may have been affected by heat, some pictures were a little reddish. 

So, on Argust the 13th,  I took my Argus/Cosina STL1000, with the 1.7 50mm standard lens, which was loaded with an unfinished roll of 200 speed,  and hit the road looking for something interesting.  The day was mostly overcast.     I decided to call collection "Things beside the road", because I did not venture far from the road. 

 My submissions are....

First photo is of some interesting toys and things sitting outside a Goodwill type store in Central SC
Second photo is of an antique Caterpillar road machine I ran across just sitting in weeds near Central SC

Dave Thomas


In two prior years, Ye Olde Photographer found 36 exposures tended to exceed his aging attention span, so this year he loaded up the C-3 with Ilford FP4 Plus which comes in 24 exposure rolls.  The C-3, s/n 1606212, was purchased new around the end of 1957 with money received during the holidays. After some foolish driving around looking for the "perfect subject," he finally just wheeled into Green Lane Park, a large county owned recreational area and preserve in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and took a few shots.  This was mid to late afternoon on a day that wobbled in and out of cloudy bright/hazy sun conditions.

Photo #1:
The first photo looks eastward toward a lake, across a grassy area punctuated with some non-trivial boulders.  This particular composition suggested a nice place to stop and rest.

Photo #2:
The second photo is looking northwestward toward the shallow headwaters of this lake where there was already some mist appearing.

The roll was developed in Kodak HC110, Dilution "H" (1+63) and scanned with a PrimeFilm 3650u.  YOP's total Argust 13th selection is on line in his PBase gallery at http://www.pbase.com/dw_thomas/argust13th2013. (Backing up in that gallery hierarchy will get you to a picture of the camera and work from a number of previous Argus Days.)

Ron Pollack


Pic #1
Subject: Weather Station
Camera: Argus 40
Film: Ilford Delta 100 B&W Professional
Lens: 75mm
f-Stop: 11
Speed: 1/50
Filter: Lt. Green

Pic #2
Subject:  Weather Station
Camera: Argus 40
Film: Ilford Delta 100 B&W Professional
Lens: 75mm
f-Stop: 11
Speed: 1/50
Filter: Dark Yellow

Richard Chiriboga


We were in Quito Ecuador on the 13th. The first picture is of plants outside the house. the second is of the steps leading from a church to the street. for some reason people here think the C3 is a very expensive camera and when my daughter was taking her roll, it was stolen!! In a church!! how bad is that!! Also the film processor only put six pictures on the CD out of the 23 that came out, so I had only a few to choose from.... there were better pictures......really... I used 200ASA film and the sunny 16 method...