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Argust 12th, 2012

All photographs this page 2012 by the respective photographers.

Please click images to view full resolution file as submitted by the photographer.

Edmund J. Kowalski


The day dawned with a thick overcast sky and a milky quality to the light.

First stop was the drought-shrunken Meramec River under the bridge at Valley Park, Missouri. The river is normally up to 100 yards wide at this point. With so little seasonal rainfall, much of the bed is now exposed, and the water coming through is primarily from springs that feed in far up river.  Image is 2012 E.J.Kowalski.

The Laclede-Christy is a tank engine that served as a factory switcher in St. Louis. It is now displayed at the Museum of Transportation on Barrett Station Road.  Image is 2012 E.J.Kowalski.

For more of my Argus Day photos, please go to:  http://www.pbase.com/edkowalski/argust12

Earl English


The Spider was taken with an Argus/Cosina STL 1000, with 55mm lens, Fomapan 100 film processed in PC-Glycol.
My wife spotted this one, living in a bush beside the garage door, as I was putting cameras in the car. So The Argus SLR was real handy.
Next one is a Spring House at the Asheville Botinacal Gardens in Asheville, NC. shot with an Argus C-33, 50mm lens, Fomapan 100 film processed in PC-Glycol
It was a fantastic day to be outside with a selection of cameras.

More of my Argust 12th photos are at:


Isidoro Calvo


Left - Hotel in Gran Canaria (Spain).  Right - Street in Porto (Portugal)

Both taken with 1955 Argus C3, using a Fujifilm 200 Superia Film.

Ellen Cosgrove


I went shooting with my husband, James Surprenant, on Argus Day

I shot Kodak Gold 200 in an Argus C4 Geiss Modified with 50mm Cintar Lens (this is what James tells me anyway)

Both pics were taken in Newburyport, MA on Sunday

James Surprenant


This old neon sign still hangs outside the 17 State Street Cafe in Newburyport, although the name of the business has changed.  Ellen and I had lunch here on Argus Day 2012 and we even got to explain the nature of the "holiday" and the significance of American made Argus cameras to our waitress who remarked how cool our old cameras looked.  That's what it's all about - spreading the word, isn't it?  It was great being able to get some great photography in, and brunch wasn't so awful either - I feasted on their Italian Omelet and crispitty bacon - yum!

This little shed is along the tidal pool in Newburyport, MA - I'm not sure what it's purpose is, maybe it's a school bus shelter, I don't know.  Of course I was attracted to the colorful lobster buoys hanging of the side so I stopped and shot. 

Both of my 'official' Argust 12, 2012 gallery photos were snapped on a classless (opposed to classic!) Argus - a white body "Cintar" Chinese-made Argus-branded fixed focus point and shoot.  I loaded it up with a roll of expired Walgreens house brand 400 ISO color print film and snapped away.  I also took along a classic (opposed to classless!) Argus Matchmatic complete with working original meter that was loaded with Efke single-emulsin 25 ISO B&W film.  However, I have not yet finished the roll nor developed it.  When I do, I will post the best of that set with the rest of my color shots in my personal online Argus Day gallery here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmsurprenant/sets/72157631063993628/detail/

All photographs 2012 JMSurprenant.

Bruce MacLellan

I took a C4 with 200asa Fuji and a Super Seventy Five with Fomapan 100 out to Burnaby Mtn early on Sunday. We have a park in one area where there are Japanese totem poles and in another area there is Simon Fraser University. The 75 film did not turn out, the processing temperature was probably too high and the film ended up over developed. Yuk! The C4 operated perfectly and I got some good shots. The first is of the totems and the other is the reflecting pool in the Quadrangle at the University.

Vaughn Martens

I used an Argus C4(Geiss) with the 35mm Lithagon. I used 200 speed Kodak Color film. Sandra and I went to a giant rummage sale at the fairgrounds of a nearby county.

PF McFarland


The first was shot with the C-3, using a 35mm Sandmar and yellow filter on Kodak 100TMAX.  It's title is "The Level Is Low".
The second was shot with the C-3 using a 35mm Sandmar on Kodak Gold 100.  It's title is "The Visitor".
Exposure calculation was by Sunny-16.

Les Hall


Columbia, South Carolina

Photo 1, location (Confederate Memorial).
Title: Back to the Future...
Location: SC State Capitol Grounds.
Conditions: Early morning, overcast.
Film: Fujicolor 100.
Camera: Argus C4R, 50mm f2.8.
Exposure: f11@1/60.

Photo 2, location (Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery).
Title: Room with a view.
Location: Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery.
Conditions: Early morning, overcast.
Film: Fujicolor 100.
Camera: Argus C4R, 50mm f2.8.
Exposure: f8@1/60.

Joe Smith


Both photos were taken at an antique show in Kingston Ont. The camera used was an Argus STL100 and Fuji 400ISO film. Exposure for both photos F11 at 500sec.

Mike Connealy


I took an Argus C3 to an Albuquerque car show on Argus Day.  The camera was recently acquired at a yard sale; it has the 50mm Coated Cintar lens.  I shot Fuji 200.  A few more shots of the event are on my blog at http://connealy.blogspot.com/2012/08/car-show-camera.html.

Dave Thomas


Photo #1:
Since Argust12th started as a surprisingly sunny day, we loaded up the C3 with a roll of EKTAR 100. A couple of the original target areas were overrun with people and parking areas were full.  So after a haphazard tour of half of northeastern Pennsylvania with his Faire Spouse, Ye Olde Photographer steered into a scenic overlook on US Route 6 near Carbondale and took three shots to be sure of having something taken on Argust12th! This submitted shot is from the overlook; YOP could probably say more about it if he knew exactly where he was at the time!

Photo #2:
Later, returning home after dark, YOP fired up the daylight CFL illumination on his table top "studio" and selected a few victims. He decided to submit this shot of a stoneware bonsai pot, a piece about 12 inches in diameter, because he made it during a spring semester series of classes at his local community college. His hobbies are beginning to mesh together!

Having nowhere near used up the 36 exposure roll, the rest was finished off the following day.  YOP's total Argus Day selection is on line in his PBase gallery where a thumbnail at the lower right will take you to "Next Day," selections from the remainder of the roll.  The roll was processed at a local pro shop and returned with scans on CD as well as a set of prints.

Herb Ellis



Early Sunday, August 12th, I was getting some good light for photography. However, it was very warm, and I worked up a good sweat hiking all over this scenic west Florida town with my Argus camera. This photo of the restaurant was made with my Argus C3 Standard, 50mm Cintar lens at f8, 1/300 second on Fujicolor 200 film.


This old car may not run, but it is still pretty cute. Argus C3 Standard, 50mm Cintar lens at f5.6, 1/300 second on Fujicolor 200 film.

Ron Pollack


Pic #1
Subject: Barn located in Plum, PA.
Camera: Argus 40
Film: Ilford Delta 100 Professional
Lens: 75mm
f-Stop: 11
Speed: 1/100
Filter: None

Pic #2
Subject:  Another farm located in Plum, PA
Camera: Argus C3
Film: Kodak Ektar 100 Professional
Lens: 50mm
f-Stop: 16
Speed: 1/100
Filter: None

Richard Chiriboga


"New life for old Truck" taken with a Markfinder using Fuji 200 set at 200 at 5.6...

"Never park your truck next to a grape vine" taken with my Kowalski C3 using Fuji 200  set at 200 at 5.6
Both pictures were taken in Tyngsboro MA on a dreary Argust 12 day.

Richard Heather


I was in Newport Beach that weekend for my (40th!) high school reunion. Sunday the 12th I took my C44r wth 35mm lens to the beach. The "Dory" fishermen have been fishing here in small boats since 1891. It took a while to get the film developed. The C44 is a good camera. the lens is pretty good.

Sonny Schillings


The first is of an old rail fence near the 10th Street Bridge that spans the White River here in Meeker,CO. 100sec, f8, expired Kodak Gold 200. The other is of an old knarled tree in the Town Park, Meeker. 100 sec,f16. 1953 Argus C3 standard, 50mm Coated Cintar. Have taken many photos of this old tree through the years.

Dan Cluley


These were taken with a recently cleaned up C-four (Geiss version).
1 Marmel the cat seems unimpressed with the 100mm lens, perhaps the 135 would be more to her liking. (f16 1/300)
2 Moore's Park dam in Lansing MI.  (50mm f5.6 1/25)

Dave Stephenson


C4 loaded with OrWo UN54. D76 (1:1).

Nothing of particular artistic merit, but some nice snaps of a fun family outing to the playground....

Steve Rainwater


This year I shot with an Argus C4 and Kodak TMAX 100 film. The photos were taken in a very old part of downtown Dallas, TX that has an assortment of interesting abandoned warehouses and grain silos.

You can see the rest of my Argus Day 2012 photos here:

Photos copyright 2012 by Steve Rainwater, released under Creative Commons BY-SA (attribution, share-alike) license.

Rich Reeder


I went out Argust Day with Argus C3 #1571759 (1956), using Kodak Gold 100 print film.  I went to the Commemorative Air Force (old Confederate Air Force) on Falcon Field here in Mesa, Arizona.  I'm an old airplane nut, in addition to old cameras.  What can I say.  When I took these photos, the whole roll actually, to the Walgreens for processing, they came back washed out, muddy; in short: not good.  This also happened to the previous roll I took to that particular Walgreens.  I changed to a different Walgreens & the photos are great.  But the bad news is that not only are these shots of the inside of an aircraft hangar with its bad lighting, they've been poorly processed to boot. (Insert sad face here.)  However, I did enjoy getting out on Argust Day, 2012, hot as it was.

#1, 1/25 sec, f/6.7, a C-47 (DC-3) inside a hangar.

#2, 1/50 sec, f/3.5, a Stearman biplane, it's access doors open.

Mike Zeis


Here are a couple of shots taken with my Argus C3 brick with the flipped lens element. Since the camera had its CLA and "flipping" about five years ago, it has just about always been loaded, and it has a permanent place in my camera bag. Many thanks to James Surprenant for guiding me through the CLA process and for taking care of the lens on this particular unit!

"Chair" was taken at the Connecticut School for Imbeciles, which was later named the Connecticut School for the Feeble Minded in an attempt to be more sensitive to the unfortunate. The last name for the place before it closed was the Mansfield Training School. No longer offensive, I guess, but the probably not too descriptive.

Big Boy: nothing much to say,except when you see a giant food mascot, whip out the camera.

Bill Pomputius


The stars & planets are finally in alignment, and I am finally able to submit two photos for Argust 12.  Both are from a roll of CVS color print film, sadly not outdated.  However I am laying by a few rolls to age in the glovebox of the Jeep (for Argust 20 & 21, say).  Both were exposed at 1/100, f16 in a late model C3.  Several rolls in an Argus A were ruined by light exposure other than the light arriving via lens & shutter.  The occasion was a local town square festival & auto show.  (Dan Emmett Festival - composer of Dixie, native of Mt. Vernon Ohio.)