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Argust 4th, 2004

All photographs this page 2004 by the respective photographers.

Please click images to view full resolution file as submitted by the photographer.

These photos recovered from the archives at http://web.archive.org/web/20080511230727/http://www.merrillphoto.com/argust4.htm

Some of these photos are also available on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/argus_day/sets/72157606478806727/

Joe Smith

August 4th is also Rotary Carnival Day in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. Argus C3 early 1950's vintage. Film was Kodak Print Film IS0 200, f11 at 300 sec. for both shots. Scanned with an Epson 2400 and altered slightly in Photoshop.

The same location of a young man mooning me as he jumped into the swimming hole in the park a favorite summer pastime ( jumping in the swimming hole ). Argus C3 early 1950's vintage. Film was Kodak Print Film IS0 200, f11 at 300 sec. for both shots. Scanned with an Epson 2400 and altered slightly in Photoshop.

Jim Abel


Here are my two photos taken on the 4th August taken at The Pier Head , Liverpool U.K.

Two Mersey Seagulls. 

Both were taken on my C3 of which I didn't know even existed until a month ago. The Pier head picture was 1/300 sec  at F:11 and the seagulls was 1/300  at  F: 8

Edmund J. Kowalski


"Neighbors" 2004 Edmund J. Kowalski, Shot on Argust 4th, 2004. Argus STL-1000 SLR with GAF Auto f:1.9 / 50mm lens, on Solaris 200 print film, about f:8 @1/250 second. I was photographing on Big River in Cedar Hill, Missouri, and two of the "locals" came from around the bend to see what I was up to. We had friendly greetings, some conversation, and then clowned around a little together. They enjoyed the attention and the ensuing portrait session.

"Smokin Hot Boot" 2004 Edmund J. Kowalski. Shot on Argust 4th, 2004 with an Argus Model 21 Markfinder, normal 50mm lens, on Special Moments 100 film. f:16 @ 1/100 second. This is a recent addition to the business skyline along High Ridge Boulevard, High Ridge, Missouri.

James M. Surprenant


Citgo is the world's most famous Citgo sign in Kenmore Square behind Fenway Park. Camera: Argus C4 Geiss modified with a 45mm f/1.9 Lithagon lens. Photographed on Efke 50 B&W print film.  Colorized and digitally manipulated in Adobe Photoshop.

Trinity Church is in Copley Plaza, Boston, MA.  Camera: Argus C4 Geiss modified with a 45mm f/1.9 Lithagon lens.  Photographed on Efke 50 B&W print film. Colorized and digitally manipulated in Adobe Photoshop.

Richard Sweeney


First Picture Dunkin Donuts shop in Medford Square, Built 1886 (Dunkin Dognuts obviously a newer tenant.) Love the tower. f/stop 16.

Brownstone decorative work over the entrances on the front facade of Saint Patrick's Church Main Street Salem, f/stop 8 .

Marcy Merrill

Argoflex 75, Kodacolor II 620 film that had expired 5/1980. Wishy-washy'd it in PhotoShop.

Micah Henry


Attached are my two submissions for Argust 4th (taken on that day, Wednesday) with my "new" Argus AF bakelite camera. Union United Methodist Church, Wilkesboro, NC was taken using the Argus AF mounted on a Yashica ST-7 grip/tripod, sitting on the hood of my car (engine off!) using Kodak 100 film. Exposure about 20 seconds at f/4.5.

Flower photo was taken literally on my back porch, in Moravian Falls, NC. I measured the distance from camera back (film plane) to flowers at 16" and set the AF to the 1 1/4' marking (closest focus), handheld. Exposure 1/50 sec. f/8 on Fuji Superia 100.

Alexander Rawles

"Red Mullet" - Night shot of the Red Mullet American Eatery. The "Red Mullet" sign is in front of stainless steel, so the red lights look a little blurred. All of my night photos came out grainy and under exposed. Oh well...I'll try again using a few other methods. Taken on Kodak Gold 100 ASA.

"Umbrellas" - Umbrellas lining the side of the sidewalk seating area of "P.F. Chang's Chinese Bistro." Both images with taken with a C3.

Rafael Morales


Here are two of the best pictures I got from an Argus C-3 on august 4th. I think I shot the driving picture at 1/100 f5.6 and the inside wall picture at 1/30 F-3.5 as best as I can recall. It was not a pretty day. :(

Mike Huck


V-100. Surfer's cross is a memorial to all the surfers hurt or killed. It's in the dunes at Padre Island.  I always have a hard time with it due to it being white, this time decided to do it at sundown and it worked.  The Lexington is something I used to hate, but have grown more fond of.  Say what you want, but the ship has a pretty neat history, and I do respect the guys who served on her.

J. Ed Baker


Polar Bear – Markfinder, Fuji Super HQ 100 ASA, Sunny 16.

Sea Lion – Mini-Monster C3, Fuji Super HQ 100 ASA, Guesstimated exposure, Brightness & Contrast adjusted

Brian Waddell


Argust 4th in Edmonton was a humid, hot (by our standards) dull overcast day. For something different I decided to use my Argus CC this year. As the camera meter was, not surprisingly, not functional, I used a Zeiss Ikophot handheld meter to get my exposures. I used Kodak Commercial 200 film and the exposures were at 1/150 @ f-8.

The first pic is a self portrait in our living room window. The second is a shot of my constant companion, our 3 month old yellow lab/border collie cross - Penny.

Mark O'Brien

August 4 was rainy throughout the day until late afternoon when the sun poked out.  So, I took some shots during the dreary part of the day, and some in late afternoon in nice  raking sunlight.

Crowbar - a sign from a place that is being renovated and by now, they have probably removed the sign.  You could say that they took a crowbar to the Crow Bar.  Argus C4, OrwoPan.

Church -- This is a cemetery and a Lutheran church in Bridgewater, MI. Argus C4, OrwoPan

Pat O'Connor


I took these with a C-44R with 35mm lens, but NO special viewer, just the one that is part of the camera. Both pictures were taken in Henry IL. For the picture of the Illinois River bridge, only the center span was visible in the viewer.

The submarine memorial (torpedo), each end of the torpedo barely fit in the camera viewer.

Greg Borchert


Both shots:  Taken at the Sonoma County Fair (northern Ca - 60 miles north of Golden Gate Bridge). Camera:  "Argus a-four" loaded with Fujifilm Super HG 100, Wal-Mart processing and scanned by yours truly.
Exposures determined by seat of my pants with help from the f16 rule.  Sword exposure:  1/25 at f4 (indoor shot light by sky lights).

Haunted house exposure: 1/50 at f8  (exposed for shadows).

Dan Cluley


Southbound  L train passing over the Chicago River in front of the Merchandise Mart.

Train Station, Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad, Beverly Shores, Indiana. Both Kodak ASA 200 taken with C-44

Charles Spickard


"Oscar And Me"

"Oscar And Ball".

The pics were made with a mid 50s C3 on Clark ASA/ISO 200 film, processed by Clark. Exposed at F8 and 1/25 with electronic flash.

Suzanne Offner


I took this first photo at the office and fixed it up a bit in Photoshop. (It wasn't as sharp as I would have liked.) The Matchmatic seems to have a little problem. It left a line on the film, parallel to the edges. You can kind of see it in this photo, although I have tried to eliminate as much of it as possible.

My back porch, with the last of the roll. Kind of shows what kind of day it was.

Jose Soler


These were taken with an Argus C-44 (first time I used it) and, to the best of my recall, Walgreens film, ASA 200. First one is a view from the rooftop of my office building and it depicts a segment of Ponce De Leon Avenue, a main artery of San Juan metro area that ends in Old San Juan.

A GMC military truck, somewhere in my route to work but in the Arecibo vicinity. Owner asks $2,500 for it, in case someone is interested, and he says it runs, which I truly doubt.

Hrad Kuzyk

The 4th of August happened during the middle of my National Guard Annual Training.  I was at Camp Grayling in Michigan. I used Kodak B&W film (the kind that processes in C41 chemistry).  Both pictures were with an Argus A2F at 1/150th at f/18.  The first picture is of a desert-camouflaged up-armored HUMMV of a unit that is getting ready to deploy.

This picture is of the WWII memorial to the 254th Engineer Combat Battalion at Camp Grayling.

Marjorie O'Brien


Shot during the rainy morning - some outdoor cafe chairs waiting for the rain to stop. Argus Argoflex E,  J&C Classic Pan  200.

A recently-built parking garage has a series of sculpted tiles that purport to show some history of Ann Arbor. Argoflex E, j&C Classic Pan 20.

John Stepp


The "Shadows" subject is a covered walkway in a SC Botanical Garden at Clemson University.  The red object in the picture is a Red Railroad Caboose. These were donated by the CU class of 1939.

The "Log Cabin" is a restored SC log house from around 1825. It was moved to the CU campus from near Seneca, in Oconee County SC, and now sits in the SC Botanical Garden. Both were taken in daylight with Argus/Cosina STL1000 with 200 ASA. Speeds and f stops not recorded.

Johnnie Walker


Argust 4th found the family and I in the Wisconsin Dells. On the 4th we took a “Duck” ride (amphibious vehicle) through the woods and down a river.  This is a picture of the girls enjoying the ride taken with a C-44r, f5.6, 100th sec, On expired Fuji Superia 100.

This is a huge Trojan horse they have built at a theme park in the “Dells” called Mount Olympus.  Even though it is just a cheesy attraction, I still think it’s cool. This is the C-44r, f8, 100th sec, on Fuji Superia 100