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Argust 3rd, 2003

All photographs this page 2003 by the respective photographers.

Please click images to view full resolution file as submitted by the photographer.

These photos recovered from the archive at http://web.archive.org/web/20080723234236/http://www.merrillphoto.com/argust3.htm

Phil Sterritt


Denver's Civic Center, 1/100 sec at f/11.

It's a reflection of Denver's Civic Center Park taken from my office window, including the Denver Art Museum and the Voorhees Arch.  1/50 sec at f/5.6. Cropped due to some apparent fogging at the beginning of the roll.

Phil says, "I decided to shoot a few pictures with my Argus B to see how it would do. Found the lens to be pretty sharp, but a bit soft in contrast.  Once you got used to it, it would probably take some pictorially interesting photos. Both pictures shot on Walgreen's finest 100-speed house brand film."

Richard Heather

Richard says, "A digital Argus photo from my $20.00 DC1510. Igor (also known as EGO) the Iguana who thinks he is a T.rex"

Michael Huck

My dog is asking the horned toad on the alligator where they are taking all of the yard critters.

My wife's cat is asking the horned toad the same question.  It turns out they were looking for someplace with cooler weather.

Mike says, "Here are my Argust 3rd entries.  Taken in my back yard due to my having the flu for the 2nd year straight on Argust day. The camera used was a Argus V-100 with the accessory Argus fan flash and 6B flashbulbs. "

PS- They are really thinking "Cool! They put tuna fish on the horned toad!"

Doug Gould


Doug says, "Here are my two submissions. Taken with Argus A2B on Kodak 8 exposure ASA 200 print film. And I didn't even know (I had forgotten) it was Argust 3rd!"

Hrad Kuzyk

Hrad says, "Both of the photos were taken with an Argus A2F using Kodak BWC 400 film.  Both shots were made at f/18 at 150 with an Argus 4X Yellow filter.  The subjects are the sculptures around Hamilton, NJ."

James Surprenant


Title: Truth
Location: Worcester, Massachusetts
Time of Day: Between 9:00 and 9:30 am
Camera: Argus A
Lens: Coated Argus A2 50mm
Film: Arista 125 B&W Print
Exposure: Unrecorded

Title: McGovern's
Location: Worcester, Massachusetts
Time of Day: Between 9:30 and 10:00 am
Camera: Argus A
Lens: Coated Argus A2 50mm
Film: Arista 125 B&W Print
Exposure: Unrecorded

Lynn C. Coulombe

Portal to Hell
Location: Cumberland, Rhode Island
Camera: Argus C4 Geiss Modified
Lens: 50mm Cintar
Film: Arista 125 B&W Print
Exposure: Unrecorded

Title: In Check
Location: Manville, Rhode Island
Camera: Argus C4 Geiss Modified
Lens: 50mm Cintar
Film: Arista 125 B&W Print
Exposure: Unrecorded

Scott Williams


This is my son Josiah and his C 3. It was taken with Fuji Superia 400 speed film at f8 and 1/100 shutter speed.

Abbey and Faith outside of Hardee's.

Scott says, "What I like about this is it shows a boy and his camera. It's one of the things he loves."

Bruce Feist


Bruce says, "Each was taken with an Argus C44 with 100mm lens."

Pat O'Connor


The Stearman biplane was at a fly-in, drive-in breakfast Argust 3.

'36 Plymouth is the car that we drove to the breakfast.

Pat says, "These pictures were taken with a newly acquired C-2; this is the first roll of film through it."

Jose Soler

This is my son, who went out with me in the photo taking expedition. He was taking a photo himself with an Argus 75 to the boats in the Arecibo harbor. I used a C4 with ASA 200 film. Exposure probably F16, 1/300. Nice & sunny day.

Argus 75, Efke 100.

Jose Soler Jr.


Jose Sr. says, "The photo was taken by my son when we were leaving for our photo taking short trip in the northern coast of Puerto Rico. It's me holding my Argus C4 and he took it with an Argus 75, Efke 100 film (respooled 620). Unfortunately many of his photos were partially spoiled by light, probably my fault when rewinding and taking the film out. It's a pity since his photos were better than mine."

"The photo of the fish -selling shack (pescaderia) was taken by Jose Jr. with the 75 .I thought it was too good to be left out in spite of the light leak at the upper left side. As a matter of fact it gives the dreamy, Holga-like effect that you may approve."

Ed Kowalski


C-47 at the National Museum of Transport, Kirkwood, Missouri. Shot on Agfa ASA 100 print film with prewar Argus Model CC "Colorcamera" uncoated F:4 Anastigmat lens. Maybe 1/150 at about F:8.
Copyright 2003 Edmund J. Kowalski

Wabash Engine No. 573, National Museum of Transport, Kirkwood, Missouri. This poor old workhorse, along with a string of freight trains, was out to pasture half-hidden up behind the other exhibits in a "restricted" area. Shot with an earlier-bodied Argus C4 on Agfa ASA 200 print film. Probably 1/300 at about F:5.6.
Copyright 2003, Edmund J. Kowalski

Tim Verthein

Tim says, "Taken with an Argus A-Four camera on Kirkland Signature film ISO 400 (Made by Agfa). Exposure 1/200 at f:22 in bright sun. Taken at the KOZY-KMFY radio (um..yes..that's "cozy and comfy") 22nd Annual Snooze Cruise Bed Race.  My job was really broadcasting the event live, and working with the racers, explaining rules, etc.  so photography was about 4th priority for the day.  But the A-Four came thru again. Shots are one team portrait and one bunch of spectators who happened to be standing in front of me while I was broadcasting."

Richard Sweeney


A light post in front of my church.

The base of a column in side the church it starts part way up the wall.

Rich says, "Argus C-33, with the F 2.8 50mm Argus lens and f 4.5 35mm lens by Steinheil. Interior pics used M2B bulbs. Lamp post was on f8, and the base of the pillar was f4.5. Film was Kodak ASA 400 High Definition."    Here's a link to other photos he took on Argust 3rd.

Robert Watling Jr.


Camera: Argoflex E. Film: Kodak Tri-X.

Merry Sewchuk


"Argust 3rd found me in Baltimore, Maryland where my friend, Brian "D" and I went to take in not one, not two, but three Red Sox games vs. the Orioles.  We had a nice time despite the fact the O's took 2 of the 3 games.  The first photograph is of the upper deck at Camden Yards."

"A Navy submarine in the Baltimore harbor.  Both photographs were taken with my trusty C3 that my step-father James (M. Surprenant) gave me."

Alexander B. Rawles

Alex writes, "Here is my one submission. I call it 'a break in the storm.' Unfortunately it rained almost all Argust third, and I barely had time to take this picture. As soon as I saw the clouds breaking for a second, I ran outside and shot a picture of  it. Well, a half of a roll at it.  I have not decided yet whether the dark corners are vignetting or the edges of storm clouds. I shot this with an argus A on Kodak gold 100 film.

Marcy Merrill


Argus DC1510 : In the shower. The steam caused the rest of the shower images to go orange.

Model 21: Kodak Infrared film. Printed on Forte fiber base paper & hand colored.

J. Ed Baker


Ed says, "Both shot Sunny (rainy?) 16 on Kodak Portra 400 VC using a C3 with a Sandmar 35mm."

Wesley Furr


Wesley says, "We got a hammock when we were at the beach in July, and Margaret has been trying to use it as much as possible.  Argust 3rd found her flopped right after church...the perfect candidate for something to photograph!  In the 1st picture, I added in our dog Snoopy, but she didn't hang around long. These were shot on my grandfather's trusty C3 guided by one of those wonderful new LS-3 meters (first time I'd used one of them).  I think I goofed up reading it for the first few shots as you can tell in the first photo.  Shot on Kodak Royal Gold 200 that was stored in the fridge and is about a year or 2 out of date by now."

Bob Grahn


"Flying Horses"
Carousel at Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts.
Argus C3, Polaroid ASA 400.  1/20 sec @ f/3.5.

"A Day at the Beach (Enjoy Hull)"
A foggy day at Hull, Massachusetts.
Argus C3, Polaroid 400 ASA  1/50 sec at f/?

Curtis Barrow


'Hay bales' was taken just after sunrise on the third, outside of Great Falls, MT.  It was my first roll through an Argus Carefree Pocket 110.  After chasing the photo lab for the better part of two weeks in Denver, I got the prints back with a notice my film had gotten too hot.  I think it wasn't that so much as the sky was filled with smoke from the forest fires to the west, that are still going on. The big one at the time was the one in Glacier Nat'l park, prime shootin' grounds for Argii-o-philes, fire or no fire!  I never did see more than a slight brightening in the sky where the sun was.

Sunset outside Buffalo, WY.  It was taken on my C4, at 1/100 and as I recall between f4 & f5.6.

Mark O'Brien


"We were traveling N on I-75 in MI when we stopped in Birch Run for Breakfast.  Lo and behold was some kind of DeSoto gathering.  I took some shots, and here is one of the tail end of probably a 1959 model.  I'm no car expert, but they were pretty cool to look at."

"Wagner Falls is in Alger Co., MI.  Very scenic."

Mark says, "Both were made with the C-44R that seems to need the rangefinder adjusted. Film was Agfa 100 print."

Dan Cluley


Main Library building at Michigan State University

Parking garages in downtown East Lansing.  Commonly known as the "Habitrail" for obvious reasons.  ;)

Camera: Argus C-44 w/ 50mm         Film: Kodak 200 ASA color print

John Strieb


Taken with an Argus 146x with Kodak 126 ASA 200 Gold film dated 5/95.  As you can see, the film did fine.

The same tree with a C-2 using Fuji ASA 100 film.

Bill Morgan

This is the front of Thorncrown Chapel, deep in the woods outside Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Taken with my "Harry Potter Special" Matchmatic on T-Max 100, 1/100th at f11 with AG1 fill flash. Couldn't get a vantage point far enough away to include the tall roof of this beautiful little church.