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Viewfinders for C4 & C44 Cameras

Geiss C4 Viewfinder
Model: Geiss C4 Viewfinder
A Geiss-American product to go with their line of lenses for the C4. The C4 lens mount was modified to use Geiss 35mm, 45mm, 100mm, and 135mm lenses.

Variable Power Viewfinder
Model: Variable Power Viewfinder
This viewfinder was designed for the Argus C44 interchangable lenses. 35mm, 100mm, as well as the standard 50mm lenses could be used with this viewfinder. It features parallax correction and could be used with any Argus camera with an accessory shoe.

Turret Viewfinder
Model: Turret Viewfinder No. 645
The Turret Viewfinder was imported from Liechtenstein. The front "turret" was rotated to the 35mm, 50mm or 100mm position. Paralax correction was established by rotating the ring on the back to the correct distance.

Zoom Finder
Model: Zoom Finder
The Zoom finder was designed to be used with the C33 and C44 cameras with both wide angle, standard and telephoto lenses.