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Argust 23rd, 2023

All photographs this page 2023 by the respective photographers.

Please click images to view full resolution file as submitted by the photographer.

Carl Donington


Taken on an Argus A2F  with Ilford B/W 400

William Hamblen


These are the two oldest fire stations still in service in Nashville, TN.  Both have been modernized and extended for modern fire apparatus, but the architectural style remains on the original parts of the buildings.

Pre-WWII Argoflex E, Argus Light Yellow filter, 1/100 sec at f/12.7, Arista.EDU Ultra 100, HC-110 (1:63) for 9 minutes at 23 C.  Scanned on an Epson 4990.  Post with Corel Paintshop Pro to straighten and crop, and punch up the image.  An image on the ground glass on this TLR is hard to see in bright sun.  I might make a chimney like on a Graflex RB and see if that helps.  Black foam core board ought to work.

Hunter Compton


Taken using my Argus 21 Markfinder. The film was Fuji C200.

Nancy Diessner


My first photo from the morning of Argust Day was taken from my boat while I was out in the middle of the CT River sculling--that morning the water reached its lowest level since the raging July floods and the current was the mildest it had been in weeks.

The second photo also reflects the very wet summer, but this time in my backyard garden in western MA, with flowers heavy with rain drooping to the ground.

Argus C3; Ilford HP5+; developed with LegacyPro L110

Dave Thomas


My time window got truncated a bit, but it all worked out. Weather was in the low eighties, a mix of clouds and sun, not bad at all for Argust! I took a drive up to Boyertown, in Berks County Pennsylvania, where a former Reading Railroad branch is now the Colebrookdale Railroad, the "Secret Valley Line." They run some Class III freight operations but are becoming a tourist attraction. They have done a total redesign and rehab of a former freight depot and rail yard in the center of the town. The station and some smaller booths are newly designed and built (to look age appropriate) as opposed to restorations. They seem to be adding quite a bit of art and elegance, hope it leads to success. They weren't running on Wednesday so I concentrated on infrastructure.

My shooting was with my 1957 vintage C-3 on a 20 exposure roll of Panatomic-X loaded off a 100-foot bulk roll. Incident metering at about ISO 25 seemed to get decent results. Developed in HC-110, 1+63 9:30 at 70F for those who worry about such things. More from the day can be found in my PBase galleries at https://pbase.com/dw_thomas/argust23rd2023.

The first picture is of the station taken, from the inner edge of the parking lot. The second is a view of the south end of the station from a sort of plaza next to the boarding platforms.

Ed Kowalski


"Old Saint Paul's"
I loaded a roll of Kodak 400 into an Argus CR-1 body, then I started shooting images at home in High Ridge, and ended up in Old Town neighborhood, Fenton, Missouri.
The next day I developed the filmstrip with my normal Caffenol chemistry using safe household ingredients.
Caffenol renders all results in monochrome. I added the sepia tone in software.
The rest of this set can be seen at www.pbase.com/edkowalski/argust23film

"Kitchen Window"
Color image captured with a Cintar DC-3515 digital camera, as backup in case something went wrong with the film.
The rest of this set can be seen at www.pbase.com/edkowalski/argust23digital

All images are 2023 E.J.Kowalski.

Robert Batey


A friend gave me a broken C44 (belonged to his wife, a dear friend who had passed) so I was able to repair it just in time (it was in pieces the night before!). Anyway, the photos are taken at the historic Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, in Gatlinburg TN with the C44 and expired (1990s) TMax 100.

Doug Robbins


Attached are two photos I took on Argust 23rd strolling around in downtown Lynchburg, VA with my Argus A from 1939. Shot these using HP5.

Rich Reeder


I was all set to journey out on an Argus odyssey, but then, my grand-daughter needed to be picked up at school, & she needed to do some home work.  Well, I grabbed some photos, & these are the result.

I used a 1941 Argoflex 'E', with Ilford FP4+ b/w film, developed in HC-110e.

Left Image:  1/200, f/16, Cars waiting to pick up kids. 30'  This is at my grand-daughters school.  It doesn't really cool down here until the middle of October.  I forget what the temperature was this day, but it was over 100F.  We wait in a long line, trying to keep as cool as we can, & at the specified time, start to creep forward & pick up the kids.

Right Image:  1/10, f/6.3, Andi & homework. 6.2'.  When she comes over to do homework, I usually turn off all the radios & televisions, & I'm available for her to ask questions.  I used to be a Jr. High, & High School Math teacher, & know a thing or two about history, civics, science, etc.  I just make sure she understands it before leaving here.

Michael Kahn


Left:  Central Train Station, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Right:  Luisenplatz Square from high up on a monument, Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany

Camera: Argus C3 (late 1946)
Lens: f/3.5 50mm Argus Cintar
Film: Ilford XP2 Black&White negative film
Professional lab development and scan

Robby Alexander


Both were taken with my trusty 1938 Argus A, on fresh Kodak Ultramax 400, f11 @ 1/200.

 Long story short, I ended up going on a surprise trip to St. Robert, Missouri for my Sister's graduation from basic training. I was originally the one staying behind to keep an eye on the home front, but I ended up finding out mid day that I was going as soon as I got out of work that day. I had very limited time to prepare, so I grabbed that particular A because its one that I have restored, and I've run a few rolls of film through it with good results.

It wasn't as hot as it was at home I'm Maryland, but the heat index was well over 100 pretty much the whole week we were there. Walking outside at 9 pm into 90+ degrees was definitely not my favorite.

Picture 1 is a Patton tank located at George M. Reed Roadside Park, a little park pretty much right in the middle of Route 66 in St. Robert. The eastbound side of Route 66 is visible in the background, with the westbound lanes not far behind me on the other side of the park.

Picture 2 was right after the graduation ceremony, and right before one million people walked directly in front of me. The two civilians on the left side of the frame are in the process of walking directly into my shot, this was the third time I had to move to get the picture so I left them in it. Much like other places I've been, the few locals we talked to were great, but the"tourists" not so much.

Bruce MacLellan


These are pictures of the senior centre located about a block away from me, It is due to be torn down at the end of the year, Taken on an Argoflex 40. Sepia added

Bryan Melvin


Left is Argus Super 75 with Cinestill 50D Barrel Cactus blooms

Right is view from the middle of my "yard" South toward the ghost town of Ruby, and Mexico, Taken with Argus C44 100mm lens.

J. Sig


The first image is looking towards downtown Glasgow Montana with the local grain elevator in the background.

The second is my attempt at growing Missouri Foxtail cacti in front of my patio door.
I need to get a new scanner as this one only accomplishes 300dpi.

These were shot with my 1952 Argus C3 on HP5 400 film.

Wyatt Culler


Here are my two photos taken for Argus Day. They were shot with a C44R using the f1.9 Cintagon lens using Kodak 250D film. I removed the remjet during home development.

The first photo was taken in Portland, Indiana, in front of a mural that was painted in 2020. Argus Day this year fell during the Tractor and Engine show in Portland, which features antique machinery and engines. It is also a huge swap meet/flea market. The tractor in the photo was for sale, the seller taking advantage of the influx of visitors during the show.

The second photo was taken in Berne, Indiana. I was taking photos of the bees in the Maximilian sunflowers and managed to catch one in flight.
The swirly bokeh of the 1.9 Cintagon is visible in this photo.

Richard Chiriboga


A day at the dog park.  Taken with Argus CR-3e, sunny 16.

Samuel White


Photos taken with Argus C on Kodak portra 400 film.  Taken on Cape Cod in the Sandwich area.

Ron Pollack


Subject: My cat Jerry
Camera: Argus 40
Film: Kodak Portra 160
Lens: 75mm
f-Stop: 22
Speed: 1/25